Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eight words no mother should hear

A few incidents this week have been cause for concern.

Case 1. The above outfit was selected by Miss Liongirl to wear to school drop off. ALL chosen by her ( except that I made her wear a long sleeved shirt under the short sleeved one that she wanted). Just to clarify, yes it is a beanie with earflaps, 2 shirts, a tutu, jeggings which are concealed and striped gumboots. None of this was of particular concern to me. Until we did the school drop off and one of the other mothers commented on how cute she looked. She then went on to say that Liongirl has obviously got her dress sense from me.

What does one say to that? I swear I have never left the house in a  tutu, do not even own a tutu. Maybe that she can tell I would secretly love a tutu.  Not sure if it is a compliment or not really!

Just a quick pose under the frangipani tree as there is a natural seat within the trunk and it's a good spot to ponder what the chooks are up to.

Case 2. Significantly higher grade concern and in two parts

Roboboy seems to be of the opinion that he and I share a brain. That I just know stuff that he is thinking with no real need to elaborate or explain. Last night we went out to dinner with the grandparents from interstate. As we left the pub Roboboy started to leap excitedly into the air pointing into the distance and exclaiming "mama, mama" followed by more exaggerated pointing. I looked and saw.......... not much really but then saw a the lights of a plane flashing in the sky, so I said "Oh yes, a plane".

 He then looked at me like I was a few iced vovo's short of a picnic and said "Units, units" in a voice I would reserve for Legoman arriving home with diamond jewellery. The kid has some sort of weird interest in units and townhouses. However, this is really a minor concern overall. The words of great concern came as I was tucking him into bed.

"Mama, I just had to rescue him, two boys were poking him with sticks and I thought he might get really, really hurt". I kept making the bed and distractedly replied " Who's that matey". Then came those eight words - "THE STINK BUG, HE'S IN MY LUNCH BOX".

At least he's cranking out some splendid art works. This is a birthday card for his best mate who was turning six. The seventh candle is the one for the wish. Note the tray under the cake,  he has been happily directing the styling of my blog photos as well. Does help distract from  the stink bug situation.


  1. I would take it as a compliment, Lion girl has amazing dress sense. Love the birthday card too , Roboboy is so thoughtful!


  2. This post is hilarious!!

    Celebrate your off-beat offspring! They're funny.

    I'd love to see what you wear to school drop-offs. I got my only compliment EVER at a school drop-off when I was wearing a pyjama shirt!

    Have you named your new pet?

  3. That pose... gorgeous! Love the outfit! gxo

  4. Liongirl has fabulous style which adds to her extreme cuteness. School drop off scenarios have left many of us wondering or second guessing ourselves. I am of the belief that it was a very strong compliment!

  5. Definetely a compliment.
    Roboboy sounds so cute, the world needs more kind-hearted little boys (and big ones too) like him.
    My youngest daughter had a pet Slater, she called him Little Caesar(?) and loved him to bits...more than the dog, rabbit, goldfish etc.

  6. Kids are so funny arent they I love what roboboy said about the stink bug what a cute and caring kid.
    Re my red shoes I take them off by undoing the strap lol just kidding.The 1st time I wore them all day they near killed my feet luckily they ar emuch better now.They were a great buy as that brand is super dear.

  7. A compliment for sure....she is such a cutie. Love your post!

  8. Love it! Children have such a great way of looking at the world - and dressing :)

  9. Too cute!life would be rather dull without kids.

  10. She does look cute! Hmmm... stink bug. Straight in the bin? Good luck!

    I know what you mean about 'sharing a brain'. It is little boys I think. You have to be a mind reader, I swear. x

  11. I laughed so HARD at your son's stink bug revelation but really....How GORGEOUS is it that he has concern for such a tiny creature....I remember when my brother was his age, he used to pull the legs off grasshoppers in order to play 'vet'....Yeckkkkk....To the BEST of my knowledge....This fascination NEVER evolved any further....IYKWIM....!!!!!

    I digress though....Your son sounds ADORABLE & your little girl looked like a fairy princess....hahahahaha....And I TOO would take the comment as a compliment....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  12. LOL!! Very funny :) Love that he has a caring heart even for a stink bug :) And your little girl has a great dress sense! She dresses just like me on my off work days LOL there's nothing wrong with a tutu!

  13. Your oilcloth recovering project is fabulous!