Friday, November 18, 2011

New curbside find and garden colour

Look what was propped up on the side of the road on the way home from school the other day. Luckily I only had one child in the car at the time or I would have had to leave one of them on the footpath in order to get this baby home. Don't ask me which child, that can vary from day to day.  I thought for sure it would be wonky or broken or missing something structually important, but no, it's perfect except for being a bit grubby and needing sanding in a few spots. What really caught my eye was the beautiful rising sun pattern at the top and I can already imagine if stacked full of vintage sheets. I can't wait to get the paint out and give this a colourful makeover. See if you can guess which colour I'm leaning towards. I promise this makeover won't take anywhere near as long as my last curbside find.

Check out this gorgeous rose. Last year we started a new tradition of buying  a special tree for our garden using the excuse of a wedding anniversary. (There is also the longstanding tradition of a piece of art every year as well but that is a whole other post).

This year, I was a little uncertain about choosing another tree and so these gorgeous roses came home instead. While I love having functional trees that produce fruits to be eaten, I am equally fond of trees and plants that are just there to look decoratively gorgeous. So nice to have some more colour in the garden.

My bougainvilleas have all burst into bloom and the kids just keep picking little branches for me.

And miss Liongirl is still very happy with every dandelion she stumbles across.

Just not sure if she is going to puff this one or eat it.

No, I think she's worked it out. And if you are wondering why there is a derelict car in the back of this shot, that would be because we are geocaching of course, the cache was in the boot, or what was left of it.


  1. What a great find, will look fantastic all painted and stacked with vintage treasures!
    Love Your roses, what a delish colour and incidentally I have been eyeing off front gates just like yours today for our new veggie patch!
    Sweet Miss Liongirl, nothing better than a dandelion to play with :)

  2. The roses are gorgeous. They are my absolutely favourite flower.

  3. Great find and the perfect place to store (and show off!) your collection of vintage sheets.
    The pink roses on either side of your lovely front gate look charming. And I love your traditions x

    p.s. I still can't resist a dandelion!

  4. Lol,Liongirl is so cute! Love your find,wish we had curbside clean-up.Isn't spring colour wonderful those roses are gorgeous,I like the idea of an anniversary plant but we need our Mum to remind us because we both forget it.

  5. Very pretty.I do love roses though never tried growing them before. I think I definitely like buying things for decoration but it also saves you spending money at the florist too when you can pick your own:) I hope you are doing well. xx

  6. Great find! I love curbside finds too. I just blogged about a ladder I found and turned into a herb garden. Your daughter is adorable!