Friday, February 24, 2012

Crafting the rain away

It has been raining almost solidly here for the last two days. Nothing better for a spot of crafting than the steady thrum of raindrops on an old tin roof. I have had this idea percolating in my brain for while now, the final inspiration came from this page of my Womans Day Handicrafts circa 1978..

A cup of tea, some toast and jam and a little bit of fiddly snipping and gluing of some wonderful vintage wallpaper samplers that I found on Etsy. Despite having all the precision of a moose in a china shop, teeny tiny intricate fiddly little creations have always appealed to me.( By the way, if you want to see a genuine moose pop over here, this thrifty girl  has one in her backyard from time to time).

As part of my Grateful project I knew some handmade cards would be required. This one is for this lovely lady. She is hosting the Fat Quarter swap and other than the joy of vintage sheets now covering her whole house, she sorts, counts and re-posts out of the goodness of her heart. Get those sheets in swiftly girls, it's finishing soon. Here is one of my contributions, all the way from the great Warrigal Oppie Warehouse adventure of September 2011.

I can't remember where this one came from, but I started chopping into it while the glue on that card was drying. Multiple projects on the go here at Betsy's. Would you believe this one is already half finished. (no guarantees for the other half).

And look what turned up at the oppie. I just cannot seem to walk past a dolly cradle. I think Nurse Nancy Liongirl and I might be opening a dolly hospital shortly. Not sure whether to de-sticker, clean and leave in the original orphanage lavender colour, or repaint.

And this little print, will be going straight to a certain little girl's room.

And I seem to be just stumbling across vintage toddler clothes galore lately. This one is sized 18 months.

Lucky miss Liongirl is expert at squeezing herself into too small clothes. If they are pink of course. Bet you had never previously considered scootering in a tutu.

Back soon, hopefully with another 100% completed project.


  1. I remember that guardian angel print from somewhere in the early years. It is lovely.
    We half expected to see you pop up today behind a stool!

  2. I also have the guardian angel picture it was my mom' your little angel in her new dress , she is a doll! and your cute little sewing machine!

  3. Wallpaper samples ... be still my heart.

    I love the cradle and would keep it lavender. Your sheets are gorgeous.

    I did say to Annie I was hoping that you may decide to join us yesterday ... we were "Have you met Mel?" "No. I've never met her, have you met her?" "No, I've never met her either" ... Ha!

  4. oh yay! i got the card and FQs yesterday and i LOVE it! pinned it straight up in my craft room - you are one clever lady!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

    Kel xx

    p.s - that dress is amazing! i wish vintage kiddies clothes came in adults sizes!

  5. Love that toddler dress. I'm always looking for vintage baby gear in the oppies and I so rarely find anything good.

  6. Such a gorgeous card Mel and I love the pic from Woman's Day that inspired you.

    It's a bit tricky to know what to do with lovely little finds like that dolly's cradle isn't it, it would be a shame to lose that sticker, maybe a good scrub and a pretty mini vintage sheet quilt would be enough...
    Love Liongirl's new dress, perfect with her pink tutu x

  7. Oh love, love, love! What gorgeous vintage love :)

  8. Your card is awesome! And shots of Liongirl doing her thing always make my day. BUT MEL - you've never hesitated to enlighten me about crap choices for children's names or bad sunglass choices. And I'm grateful to you for that. So I'm returning the favour... that hybrid horror story/angel gabriel/hansel and gretel picture has GOT to go!!!!

  9. Love that baby cradle. I say remove the stickers, but keep the lavender!
    Love your card, very creative, I'm with you and these rainy days, what better to do than sit back and create a little...

  10. Hi Mel,

    Rachael here. I love these hand made cards. You inspired me. I have some off cuts of vintage wallpaper left over from a project I just posted about on my new blog (Rachael's extremely eventually bit by bit renovation - I actually had to look up the name. Couldn't remember my own blog name. Tragic!)

    Thanks for your comment on my wall the other day. It was the first comment ever!

    Your blog is beautiful as is your little family. I'm so impressed with your efforts and I'll be checking in every day to see what you're up to!
    x Rachael

  11. I just love that little sewing machine Mel, too cute.
    I love finding vintage clothes too, Rosa thinks she can fit into all of them, I've been meaning to do a vintage fashion post of all Rosa's vintage wares..
    Have a great week xxx

  12. Very pretty card Mel,love the floral sheets too!Looks like a sizeable hem on that little dress, should last Liongirl well, what a cutie.

  13. those wallpaper samples!!!! amazing! this post is so full of florally goodness. love the card and little liongirl in that pinny. cuuuute!