Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage florals and Tropical fish

This is how we kept miss Liongirl happy at her brother's party. Her own little vintage sheet cubby house to host a tea party or two. Right next to the tap for an endless supply of cups of tea.

It's lucky our washing line ( or washing LION as miss Liongirl calls it) is the perfect size for an outdoor vintage floral cafe. A few pegs, a few sheets, a tablecloth and some pilfered cubby furniture. She even managed to lure a few unsuspecting boys in there mid party.

And what did Roboboy get for his birthday? The gift that keeps on giving? The one that he wanted even more than LEGO? ( To test his dedication to this particular present we told him the week before his birthday that he could either have this present OR lego.) He remained steadfast. So look what came home to Betsy's.

Yep, they would be tropical fish with their own miniature glow in the dark coral reef.  And you'll never believe where they have taken up residence. Remember the original curbside find?

We always thought that the top section had been designed for a fish tank. So we turfed out the top shelf lego and brought the old girl back to her glory days.

And the gift that goes on giving? Well let me just say that we have plans for the current fish obsession. Evil sneaky parent type plans. More on this soon.

I have had some lovely oppie finds lately but the light has been atrocious with all this rain so no decent photos except this one I forgot to share from ages ago. This little birdy houses all my safety pins in my sewing room. Like always it was the colours that lured me in.

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  1. You have a sewing room!? What bliss!
    The Fish cabinet is perfect in every way and one can never go past a nice sheet cubby. Looks like it was a fun week end!

  2. OMG!!! That fish tank built in to the shelf is BEYOND AWESOME!! And the coral reef GLOWS IN THE DARK?! Be still, my beating heart! (is it a REAL reef? Or a plastic imitation one?)
    Love, M x
    PS. YES! I know I'm SHOUTING...

  3. I absolutely love Miss's cubby house. We have all seen sheet cubbys before but not with gorgeous vintage florals. Love love love!

  4. that looks so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love Roboboys fishtank, what an awesome b'day present Mel and so much storage space for all that Lego too. Bonus.

    Liongirl's vintage sheet cubby is the perfect spot for afternoon tea (another clever idea) I love the purple sheet on the right.

    China birdy - gorgeous.

  6. The cubby is sooooo sweet! Ah a fab idea for when my niece comes to visit thanks. That fish tank and cabinet has to be the best fish tank cabinet I have ever seen! Gotta show Mr J that one, he will drool too. We have rain rain and more rain... I am wanting to take a few pics myself argh. Fabulous birdy with it's fabulous colours :-)

  7. oh look at those vintage sheets... what a happy cubby to be in! just lovely :)

    Kel x

  8. Best cubby house! Best fish tank and most beautiful trinket box. All very beautiful xo

  9. Perfect cheery pot for your pins Your house is so bright and happy. Little fishies keep on giving I am sure.

  10. Another fab post! Everything is always beautiful at Betsy's! I love the fish tank! I wan one too! And that bird ! ooooh aaaahh!

  11. The fish fit well in the curbside cupboard-amazing.Love Liongirls perfectly-pink playhouse and I love your birdy esp. as pretty storage.

  12. My girls still love washing linen day as they get to play in the clothes line cubby.

    I have to say I am soooo impressed with how you've transformed that shelving unit. It FANTASTIC!!

    What a sweet little birdie, I can't believe he was at an oppie, great find.

  13. I don't know where to start - from the vintage sheet cubby to the custom made fish tank. Heaven.

  14. The fish tank house is perfect! Fantastic job.

  15. You're like the most awesome parents ever!! What a great little tea party "fort"! And you transformed that curb find beautifully!

  16. What a perfect cubby, I want to hang out there!
    LOVE the curbside find reused for its original purpose, looks fantastic, lucky boy.
    Love the birdie too, what a gorgeous safety pin holder :)

  17. LOVE that vintage sheet cubby .. Too cute.
    And the fish tank? Amazing! Love it!
    And your strategy too ;-)
    Well done. Wish we had somewhere for a fish tank ...

  18. LOTS to love here. The vintage sheet cafe is an absolute favourite, but I'm also admiring your tropical fish cafe! x