Saturday, September 22, 2012

A spot of colour

Well, thank goodness those school holidays have finally arrived. The end of term had left me with a tired,cranky six year old, a  witchy three year old and me, well, I have been alternating between tetchy and snippy with a good deal of meh on the side. This little pile of goodies did slightly improve my mood, pyrex with sunshine yellow spots is just perfection in my mind. And the kids are swooning over those parfait cups with matching dangling spoons. They are now locked in battle over whether to go back to the oppie and get the green one that was missing the spoon, Liongirl is against, Roboboy just wants the full set, spoon optional.
He almost can't sleep at night knowing there is another little dish out there somewhere.

So while I was floundering around feeling tired and cranky, I was trying to think of a pick me up, something to get my mojo back. And then I remembered that a little white wall painting usually helped my mood enormously, and there was certainly still quite a bit of custard to be dealt with. Especially the wall that mocks me while I sit in my white lounge room.

Did I mention that I was tired and cranky? The only downside of painting in this state of mind is that you are highly likely to step into your sugar soap bucket as you come down a ladder to get more paint. As I am prone to leaving full buckets of paint on top of ladders, I just figure it could always have been much worse.

I tend to paint in small sections and do all four coats to completion before I move onto the next area. This allows me to work at night while the kids are asleep and not create too much havoc in the house. Can I just say that while I am sitting on my lounge that wall is no longer mocking me, but it was too dark to take any decent photos. It did however not prevent me from moving everything back and creating a wonderful new spot for our Little Golden book collection.

Not sure when I will be back as we are off on a few little holiday adventures, but I can confirm there will be white wall pics, some gorgeous scenery, flowers galore and hopefully some country op shopping.


  1. I love your new little dishes and sweet polka dot bowl......I love the little golden books too!
    Have a great break with your cuties!

  2. That is a dandy dotty bowl. Your painting looks so fresh. I feel like I've been painting for ten years and may be over it. That little green nick Mack shelf is also lovely. Does Liongirl like to arrange things in it?

  3. Those are lovely finds!

    I am impressed that painting puts you in a good mood! I don't think I could tackle our house again...the high ceilings and VJs are wonderful...until you have to get out the paint brush!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Since finding your lovely blog I have been gravitating towards Pyrex. I have yet to find any though. And yes we love Little Golden Books in our house too. Happy Holidays!

  5. Wow what a great spill!!....that would of sent me over the edge this week. Love that desk?/cabinet on the right hand side of door in that pic!. I'm happy about the hols too as I also have a tired 6 yr old and a witchy 2.5 yr old.
    So?...did you rescue the green one?.
    Enjoy your little adventures.
    Allison :)

  6. I have bought so many golden books from op shops this year for my bubba that is due to arrive in a couple of weeks, i was worried i might have gone overboard but apparently they'll be loved!

  7. Hi, I haven't been here for a while. Sorry. The bucket over board photo made me laugh. What a drama.

    Your house looks fabulous now, imagine what it's going to end-up looking like!

    Go back and get that green bowl for goodness sake!

  8. Exactly the clumsy kind of thing I'd do (and I do - regularly) Mel.
    I'm typing this with Antique White fingers and my hair is a pretty good match too.
    Have a lovely holiday, go back and get the little green bowl before you go x

  9. Hey you. Oooops, at least your floors are clean now! Have a happy and safe holiday. xx

  10. Very Inspiring dear,Good Job!

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    I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    Blow A Rainbow


  11. I'm a disaster zone too when decorating! Have a lovely few days! Ada :)

  12. I like the sound of that country op-shopping.
    Lovely Pyrex bowl. And love the shelf of LGBs.

  13. I think I'm with Roboboy I would just have to have the green one even if it didn't come with the spoon:) Have a wonderful time away on holidays lovely and I hope you come back all refreshed and feeling happy::) Take care. xx

  14. God, how annoying re the sugar soap. Completely something I would do xx

  15. Love the little bowls. What a shame the green one doesn't have it's spoon. Did Lionboy end up saving it?

  16. Love. love your Golden Book collection! I am going to be hunting for a copy of When I Grow Up now, it looks fab!! xx