Sunday, November 4, 2012

At our place

there are some of the brightest of bright  vintage sheets that just turned up from my local oppie.

Winter blankies have been packed away.

This magazine has been pawed over by most members of the house. Roboboy is still begging me for it so that he can chop it up to make a picnic collage. Like me I suspect he was completely sucked in by the embossed cover.

He has started learning how to play chess in after school lessons. Here he is trying to teach his three year old sister the basic rules. It was all going well until she started galloping the horsey all over the board.

We have had a bit more luck with this one. An old vintage game from a garage sale where you have to collect rare animals to fill your own zoo.

And there has even been some cutting out of my own. I am determined to sew something to completion.

And there is a lot of gazing out of this window. Soon it will be the view from my lounge room and not the view from a nasty cupboard that contains my laundry in the middle of my lounge room.

It seems that after a few weeks holiday Legoman and I managed to resolve most of our disagreements about our renovation plans. He has finally come around to the idea of louvre windows, the kitchen is mostly sorted, the plans have been checked, there are chalk marks all over our deck and driveway so we are sure where the new bits are going and we have a couple of builders quoting on the working drawings as I type. And I didn't even need to send him to an oil rig as planned. Now it's off to an engineer and certifier while we go and find some more old floorboards, try and find the least ugly fan created, choose light fittings and order a marble slab for our kitchen bench.

Can you believe it has only been eight months since we started on the plans? Apparently sarcasm does not always translate well in a blog so I'll just spell it out. The only thing that tops the eight months of my stove now sounding like it is going to blast off into space whenever I have to bake anything, is my mum's comment recently that apparently the Feng Shui was all wrong for renovating this year. Great, so nice to discover that now. Apparently it is all good for 2013 though so as long as we don't start within the next  seven weeks we are all okay. Phew, crisis averted.


  1. Hi. I am a long time reader & first time commenter. just wanted to say I adore your blog. I am laughing out loud at your comments about renovating.
    My husband & i are currently in the same situation & there is never a dull moment.
    Please share some spousal reno tips...

  2. Well that got to be a relief......I was laughing at your last paragraph......I love your winter blankets....I could use them right now!

  3. Love vintage sheets and winter wool blankets! I had packed our ones away but got them out AGAIN last night as the season here decided to switch back to winter - crazy! Elaina xo

  4. Those sheets and blankets are fab! Glad you are starting to come to some decisions about the renovations! :)

  5. Try four years! I'm so glad I didn't go with the first design that was put forward. It's been about 8 months since I got O+V+P on board - I know it seems like an eternity, but the extended time is better than rushing through the process and making decisions that you may later regret. We too will commence in 2013, so I hope your mum's right! xx

  6. How very exciting!!! And a marble slab for the kitchen bench... heavenly. As for those are vintage sheet hunter extroadinaire. Hope your day is a lovely one :) x

  7. Some great thrifty finds there. Hubby and I will be renovating soon (will make sure we don't start until 2013 though huh?). Keep up with the chess, my two older boys love it and it keeps them happy for hours. Literally! x

  8. Woo Hoo - it will all start coming together now and remember the more time spent planning the better the outcome. I love those vintage blankets of yours - I had the pink and blue one as a child. James and I often talk about how comforting it feels to have heavy (ie a weight) blankets - must be a residual memory from childhood.

  9. The sheets are so crisp and bright. I love finding them in near-new condition.
    Looking forward to seeing the renovations.

  10. I feel your pain!
    I am this close to throwing in the towel on our kitchen renovation, buying a Thermomix and calling it a day!

    And I have packed away our winter things about three times now!
    Hopefully summer is officially here to stay!

    Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen!

  11. I knew there was a reason we stopped renovating this year.
    Your sheets are very beautiful. Are you going to make something huge with them or (eek) chop them? Glad you won the louvre discussion but what's this about an oil rig. I may need more information...

  12. You are well and truly someone I need to go op shopping with when you come home with such vintage goodness:) So glad everything is coming together nicely for the reno, how exciting. xx

  13. Great sheets Mel. One can never have too many, I think ;) I am looking fwd to seeing what you have on the cutting of luck with the renos..dam that feng shui.

  14. As always I'm envious of sheets found down under. I might have to ask my best mate in to have a search about for me, but always more exciting finding them yourself.

    Love sarcasm and you do it well. Keeps you sane in my opinion.

  15. Just for the record, my Husband said "I can't think of anything nicer than building a deck off the lounge myself". That was 6 years ago when we first moved to this house. There's a fair bit of sarcasm in our household too :-) I love your sheets. I never think to look for or buy sheets on my op shop jaunts because I can't sew but I will keep a look out now. Mel x

  16. Oh so much loveliness happening at your place! Love hearing about your renos, I totally understand. Can't wait to see them! PS. That purple sheet is just fabulous.
    Sophie x