Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cheese and Pam

Well it's been a full on week or so here at Betsy's. Miss Liongirl finally started her much longed for ballet classes.  Not only has she been wearing a tutu every possible day for weeks, she has been sleeping with the ballet bag every night. And most surprisingly, she agreed to let me do something with her wild nest of hair, because that's what ballerinas have to do.

The best part, is now I have real leverage because  that ballet class is gold. Yes, ballerinas do have to brush their teeth, yes ballerinas must wipe AND flush every time they do a wee and most importantly ballerinas have to control their wild nests of hair and produce either piggies or a ponytail. GOLD I tell you, only four sleeps to go.

Roboboy on the other hand is having a hard time settling into Grade 1.( It didn't bode well when on day two he asked to go back to prep so that he could have a nap).  He manages to hold himself together all day.......until I get there and then it ALL comes out. All afternoon. And it's not pretty. I did feel for the poor kid when I discovered that his little 5 year old soul is doing the same curriculum dished up to grade twos last year and the first topic in his science journal was " External Features" of animals. In his scratchy writing. Cripes.

So we have been spending all our outside of school time trying to do things that help us relax. Calm down.
How about making our first chatterbox, with a bird theme. Then testing it out on little sisters who think every thing we do is just very impressive. She tends to copy him word for word. If we ask her how her day was at kindy, she puts her hand on her hip and says " My day was QUITE good". Word for word.

She does have a few of her own words. The sort that I wanted to record for posterity sake, because they are too cute.

Mama, I neeeeeed Nax. (what the?) NAX, I NEED NAX! (Oh, you mean SNACKS?)
Mama, I need Nuggles. (ok now I get it) You need snuggles?
Mama, lets have a pikpik. ( a little picnic with a rug?)
Mama, can I have a sandwich pweeese? (what sort minxy?) Cheese and Pam. ( he he he - Ham)
Can I watch Angeleeeenja Ballerina? ( makes me think more of Angelinja the Ninja ballerina)

If we are really out of sorts, best to whip up a quick cubby. Or "Dreamhome" as Roboboy has been calling it. A nice vintage sheet, some crochet rugs, and all mama's recent projects.

The cat is impressed, she thinks it is all for her benefit. I can't help thinking about everything I need to move before I start painting that exact wall. But it seems to helping, with the calming down part. As well as a few good books, that usually helps too.

Grateful for one child being in a happy place. Hopefully back soon with two calm children and some op shopped treasures. May the force be with all mothers of grade 1 children, as I think we are all needing it.


  1. I love how you've written down your little one's quirky expressions. I should do that with the ones we get here. Feel for your big boy. I hope he settles in soon. xx

  2. The loose curls at the back of her head in that last photo are just gorgeous! As is the rest of her hair, but particularly in that photo :)

  3. Why is the world so complicated for little kids who just like it simple. Good luck and happy days to your Roboboy.

  4. They are soooo adorable. we are on the same page Mimi wants her ears pierced so I said she could in one month if she brushes her hair and teeth twice a day with out being asked....its been two days now of heaven! love her tent inside...what a great big brother to play with her......have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  5. Hey hey, I feel for you dearest - we will be starting grade one in september with Mik (yes, they start at 7 y.o. here) and I already see it being a stressy few weeks/months of initiation... Good on you for being kind and peaceful mamma when he gets home. Love LGs words - who wouldn't want nuggles with her!

  6. I know the Grade One thing, we're going through it at the moment. He'll settle in and get used to the routine, I promise. It may take a complete Term, but it'll happen.

    I think I have someone here who would hang off every word of Liongirl's. Liongirl is just the sort of ballerina/fairy/doll-loving kinda kid that Martha pines for!

    I like your cat and your besser brick wall. Things seem to be fine at the Bungalow. Keep your chin up.

  7. Miss LIongirl is soooo cute in her ballerina outfit and what a winner for you too:) I love her cute way with words they are priceless. I don't remember the cute words my girls used to say now but you've written it down so beautifully I can just imagine hearing your little one saying them:)

    I feel for your little boy I bet he appreciates everything that you do for him to try and make things nice and calm for him at home and safe.

    Love that comfy little cubby you have there, looks like lots of fun going on here.

    Take care. xx

  8. I admire your soft mothering Mel.
    I think it is great to write down the things they say.

    Hoping the routine will settle in soon.

    Gorgeous kiddos.

  9. 4th grandchild Miss 5 is also in yr 1 and says she hates school.She also sas she is too tired I dont know why they cant let them have a rest.I dunno why they dont let all kds have 20 mins siestas lol bet they would be more productive after.

  10. oh she is so adorable mel!!! and little roboboy...seriously, him eating that plastic sandwich with such a smirk..gorgeous. x

  11. I love the birds nest. We have birds nests in our home too. It doesn't get any easier. Tears every morning as I yank the brush through unyielding knots. Maybe I need to get my girls into ballet!

    x Rachael