Friday, April 13, 2012

Demolition yard style

Well we stumbled across some lights for our deck on the weekend. Just see past all  the grime and imagine four of them hanging from a very high space. At $35 each they were a welcome subtraction from our meagre budget. Legoman actually ferreted these out from none other than a demolition yard. It's quite an interesting place to poke around in, so a few treasures came home with us. We  actually went out looking for some doors and windows that might be suitable for our renovation. This is Woolloongabba  Demolitions, now conveniently located in Rocklea. A huge space chock full of doors, windows, wood and all sorts of odd bits and pieces.

This is what caught Legoman's eye.

I of course snorted derisively and said no way was that damn ugly  motor box thingy coming home to our place. So he and the demolition dude whipped out a phillips head screwdriver and hey presto, four new deck lights for Betsy. The bulbs were a work of art too and Legoman is looking for a spot for them.

Then I found Legoman poking around in a box. How he even found the box is beyond me- this place is seriously full to the brim of stuff, poked into every nook and cranny. So he found a few sets of tap covers for a project of his own. I'll keep you posted on that one.

And then he found this little treasure. Yep that would be Lotte and Johanna those Happy Tyrolean Wanderers playing the zither for some snowcapped music down under. Thankfully we do not own a record player or I'm sure Legoman would have brought it home for his own zither amusement. Do you think one can play a guitar and spin wool at the same time? Johanna sure gives that impression.

Me, I was just a little distracted by this old wooden potato box. The demolition dude gave it to me for $5. Expect a little makeover very soon. Yep that's the paint on top.

So, we are very excited to find such a treasure haven so close to home. Now just to wait for a few weeks before we go back to check all the new stock.


  1. Those tap covers are intriguing.You could make some very funky jewellery like the old the writer key bracelets etc but I'm thinking mosaic in an outdoor shower. Could be I'm projecting my own fantasies here....The potato box has endless possibilities!

  2. Love demo yards and salvage shops. Those lights rock. Cool choice! xx

  3. I love those light they are fabulous....I can't wait for the re-dos and I love salvage places like these!

  4. The light covers are perfect! I would love to have a scratch around that place!

  5. Hang on.... Am I to understand that Lote and Johanna didn't get taken home with you??? Doesn't matter that you don't have a record player, that cover alone is worthy of an award in an "All things wrong about Typography" competition! Race back there and grab it, before some other Brisbanite who reads your blog does!

  6. I was wondering where that place got too, I had always been meaning to stop in and see what treasures were lurking inside. It looks like you've found yourself some great lights for the deck there:) xx

  7. Amazing finds! Love the whole lot. One thing I spy is your trestle legs in the background, ill have you know ive been asking the mr to make me some for years and has he? nope! grrrr.
    ps let me know if those light fittings dont 'go' in the new space...

  8. great lights Mel. That place looks like a true treasure trove... bet you can't wait to visit again. Thanks for the feedback re my cabinet. I actually only have a couple of pieces of milkglass. I have gifted a few to my bf and they are a rare find here. I am heading away for a few days next week so maybe I'll be lucky in 'ferreting' some out-if the Mr lets me stop at any oppies!

  9. Gotta love that record!
    Love that you threw that in amongst all that industrial stuff ...