Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scaffolds,Skips and Sunshowers - Reno Day 36

With a public holiday long weekend and buckets of rain, I wasn't expecting much progress this week. What a surprise to wander over to Betsy and discover masses of scaffolding. Roboboy of course thought that one of his umpteen treehouse designs had actually been constructed for him and has been eyeing off that assortment of ladders and platforms.

The rain literally cleared away for about an hour so I could snap these photos but is predicted to continue this week, so not sure how much of that deck roof will actually get built. I was very pleased to see that the builders have been raiding the skip and doing a little recycling.

Pull out crazy blue skillion roof. Throw crazy blue skillion roof into skip. Rain, rain, rain. Pull crazy blue roof panels out of skip and hastily re install them to protect precious floorboards. Love these blokes, especially as it all just happened before I even had a chance  to utter the word tarp. And look at that hole in the floor. Yep, the POLE HAS GONE. Woohoo.

With the rain slowing the outside progress there has been some action inside instead. Here is the shell of the pantry with framing for the cavity slider door.

And they have started pulling out the old wall between the poky kitchen and the old back bedroom. Once this is out it will make a huge difference to the feel of the room and the new kitchen space will be ready for a check measure from the kitchen company.

I'm already getting a taste of the view from the new kitchen window splashback though and there is nothing that makes me happier than a view of green, green, green. Extend that window another metre to the left and it should let in buckets of light.

The view is not quite so flash from the outside.

Sights like this make me very very thankful that we are not attempting to live here through the reno. Gratitude of the highest order, that I do not have to try and keep my kids off this pile.

Not to mention the multi story treehouse.

Now, I know I said that  I would be back with the find of the year ( or two actually) but due to our car breaking down I will not have the find in my hot little hands until the weekend. I can give you a clue though. Let me show you Betsy's current front door situation.

Inspired? Me neither. Back soon.


  1. Something with a nice big knocker on it?

    Oh Mel, Betsy's gonna be your dream home when her renos are done. All that light and space!

  2. Tease!!! An amazing front door perhaps? Great idea not to be living amoungst it, it would be impossible to keep my boys off all those lovely piles of wood and from climbing the ladders. xo

  3. Hope the repair costs with your car aren't too huge.
    Yes Betsy's current front doors aren't really highlighted with the security screens. Maybe a new front door painted in the brightest of shades is on the list.

    1. Zara the repair bill was horrific. $1200! The car is ten years old and Legoman stupidly mentioned new cars within her earshot so she went had had a turn! mel x

    2. Hahaha. My car and electronics have ears too!! They know!! x

  4. Still have my fingers crossed that the rain stays away as you renovate! A new door? Can't wait to see it. xx

  5. I've come across a few families lately that have remained living in their homes whilst renovating (with small children I might add.) It's not until you see photos mid-reno that you appreciate how tough that would be. I can see why RB go so excited by the scaffolding - mine would have climbed to the top if they had half a chance. (rain, rain, go away .......) xx

  6. Very jealous of your renos!! Your blue house will look amazing! x

  7. I can't wait to see what you've got....I know it will be fabulous! :) x

  8. There is no way you could live there during that level of building work, it would be insane! Although, I think my kids would love the "tree house" a lot. Can't wait to see your exciting new find... x

  9. goodbye pole!!...mel even im tempted to climb that scaffold! hope the rain takes a hike.
    Ummm?...I think your skips full!! lol loving the progress reports...all very exciting xx

  10. Can't wait to see the find-of-the-year. I think I know what it is and can almost visualise it :-) That pile is hilarious. My friend is living in her place while the renos take place with their 4 boys, can you imagine!?! Loving these updates. Mel x

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