Friday, August 2, 2013

Yellow mixers, concrete slabs and final windows - Reno Day 73

Things are always looking up if there is a concrete mixer in your driveway. And a yellow one to boot. Because this can only mean one thing, a new driveway and the end of the reno is in sight. Last week heralded a flurry of activity both in and out of the house.

I missed the action shot of the bob cat but was thankfully able to capture the arrival of the concrete mixer. Much to Roboboy's disappointment it was scheduled to arrive just after school drop off but I was under strict instructions to obtain footage, preferably video!

Unlike my builders who are too busy to pose for action shots, the concreters were keen for some theatrical input into the progress snaps. Suspect they were restless after sitting around for a good three hours waiting for the truck to arrive.

Meanwhile, new windows went in all over the house. First was a new slider for Roboboy's room. We deliberated long and hard over what style of window to choose for this room, but practicality won out as this was the best option for both security and flyscreens.

Work started on the remaining windows for the bathroom and bedrooms. I haven't shared the bathroom on the blog before, it is BLUE of course (probably left over exterior paint) and is pretty compact but otherwise not too awful. We have plans to enlarge this room and renovate it properly but for now we will be making do with a new window and a new toilet and getting rid of the awful lighting fixtures.

The old windows were removed from our bedroom. Yet another moment of relief that we are not in the house right now. There is not a single square inch of Betsy not covered in debris and grot.

The front bedroom had some window progress as well. The side walls of these two rooms face directly onto the carport, hence the high louvres so we have a view of trees and sky rather than carport guttering.

And FINALLY the kitchen window arrived and has been installed. However this window, which has caused problems from the first minute of conception is still causing some drama. Hopefully we can sort it out so we can just sit back and enjoy the view.

Frosted glass pantry door is in.

And the battening was completed below the deck.

All in all a very productive week. Meanwhile I have been running around like a headless chook trying to choose from a myriad of door hardware options. Handles or knobs? Bells or knockers? Brass, chrome or satin finish? Deadlocks, sliding door locks, window locks, it's endless really. Give me strength.


  1. Thats the fun part all the decisions. the house we just finished,the homeowner was a teacher and she was amazing at researching everything and she found oil rubbed bronze was the choice that wouldn't go out of style from year to year.....
    I'm loving all the progress, I'm just so sorry I'm so busy I haven't stopped by more often lately.....take care Heidi

  2. It's coming along so quickly (from my perspective, probably not yours!). We had to have brass on all our windows because of Jason, but we did battle over the knobs in the kitchen. He wanted a brass finish too which was just too much for me. Mr bling! Anyway, go the knocker over the bell. You ears will thank me. xxx

  3. I am SO JEALOUS that you have windows!!! That kitchen one looks beautiful with all the trees behind... I can see lots of daydreaming out of it while waiting for things to heat up/ cook etc. You've got such good progress, how exciting for you to see it all coming together. Good luck with the hardware choices. I'm wading through that at the moment too... the door handles that came with the steel doors are brushed chrome... which sticks out on the black doors and given I haven't got chrome anywhere else is annoying me. It's hard to find something that you like, and overwhelming how many choices there are to start with! xx

  4. Ohhhhhh exciting! Lots of progress. The kitchen window frames those trees just beautifully. Such a nice view to gaze at while toiling away. Have a great weekend Mel! xo

  5. It looks fabulous - I love the kitchen windows.

    We inherited bright yellow brass door handles (the ones that were really in mid 90s) when we moved in. I would not recommend those.....!

  6. I can imagine the trouble with picking knobs and knockers etc. the range is huge these days.
    Those concreters sure do look happy. x

  7. Mel, you should have given Roboboy the day off school (or least let him turn up late). My guys have loved watching all the trucks and activity on-site so far. Despite your issues with the kitchen window, it will end up being a fabulous feature in the house. My friend owns the Hill End Eco house and has a similar splashback window with the most amazing views into the treetops. Have you decided what colour you will paint the Pantry door? Will it be white or are you going to "brave it" and use a bright hue? xx

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that although I provided a lot of input into our own reno, I left the hardware options up to the architect. (I hope they chose well!) xx

  8. Hahaha-that is where we are with wedding planning. All the big stuff picked and locked in months ago, but having to decide on those little details is doing my head in! Not too long now for you! x

  9. just remember to breath!...almost there x

  10. I love the action shot!
    Although I must admit I am a bit suspect when it comes to concreters after having to walk by a concreter's truck emblazoned with the slogan "a good lay every time" and the accompanying leers on my way to work. You group of concreters look much more wholesome!

    A house up the street from us has been demolished and a digger is on the lot doing lots of digging. We wander up and watch it dig and dump dirt into dump trucks for hours. Roboboy's idea to get video footage is a good one...that way Toddler C can watch it whenever he likes!