Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gifted Rosella seeds

In my work I am lucky enough to get to look after people and get to know them over many many years. Sometimes we talk about mutual interests, like gardening. Recently, one lady that  I know well mentioned that a friend of hers propagated rosella bushes. My ears pricked up immediately as I have been looking for one of these bushes since I saw one in a  friend's garden. They are gorgeous to look at and functional as well, with flowers that can be used to make jam, or even a tea of sorts.

The following week she returned and came bearing gifts. A little jar full of those blue stones and some seeds mixed in. The blue granules are copper sulphate and are there to keep the mould away until September when it should be warm enough to plant the seeds. And another much bigger jar full of rosella flowers, dried and ready for making an infusion. The taste was unusual, warm and rich with a vague hint of berries and with just  a little sugar it was delicious. The colour of the water was also a beautiful pinky ruby red and inspired a photograph.

Things have been quiet over here at Betsy's as we are currently in the midst of the inaugural Winter Solstice 2011 Snotfest. There is not a lot of room for inspiration or creativity when the most frequently uttered sentence is "Mama, I've got gooby, need tissue" in the most piteous high pitched whining tone ever imagined. You know they really are sick when they conk out while watching "The Fairies" on the telly.

There was a tiny reprieve though today with a quick peek in my favourite oppy. As I was ferretting through the manchester I was told there was also a 5% discount for completing a questionnaire. As if there was any doubt about bringing home this little pile of vintage sheet beauties but at $4.75 each, no further thought was required.

My favourite is the orange floral on the top, closely followed by the mustard floral doona cover with matching ruffled pillowcase on the bottom of the pile, would you believe original tags still intact. Although the statement on the tag that it was part of a collection that also included matching curtains and  wallpaper was slightly concerning.


  1. love the milk glass, LOVE the fabrics but don't love the snotfest so much...hope you all get better soon! xx

  2. lovely photos Mel, hope the snot clears up soon!

  3. I love your sheets! I'm feeling like I need an Op Shop hit.

    We've been struck down by the winter illnesses too. I don't know if it's a series of different infections or one long one?

    Keep up the good work, Mother!

  4. We peaked with our annual snotfest early this year. A pre-solstice event! I hope you are all on the mend x
    PS are you like, the best op-shopper ever?!

  5. My Dad made plenty of rosella jam when we were growing up,the bushes are very eye-catching.Wish I could find lovely fabrics like those,alas...Hope the sniffles clear up soon.

  6. So... what're you going to do with all the fabric from the last umpteen posts?? I am waiting to see some sheets-transformed-into-modern-art-ala-Christo... Your Liongirl is gorgeous, even with a snotty nose. Also love the white glass and what it does for your tea. SO photogenic!

  7. Look at gorgeous Liongirl asleep. The crochet blanket she is on top of is beautiful. Some great finds with your sheets. I'm looking forward to seeing what Darwin Op Shops have, but think I'll miss my local haunts here.
    How fascinating about the Rosella bush. You meet interesting people with your work.