Friday, July 29, 2011

Brunch when you have lost the will to blog

This post could more aptly be titled " Being a single mother for 12 days really sucks". Pestilence and disease. Betsy is riddled, hence the extensive blog hiatus. The kids are finally better when Legoman hits the deck. Big time. Not just a man-cold but the bedridden with 39 degree fevers kind of flu. He has just  spent 5 consecutive days in bed and dragged him self sporadically to work the prior 5 days to infect the remainder of his organisation. And, just for something different, he spent the weekend before that  in bed as well.

Meanwhile, I have been left to do EVERYTHING that could possibly need doing, as well as going to work and attempting to muster some vague attempts at sympathy. I haven't had the heart to point out that I spent less time in bed post Caesarian section. I did draw the line at being given the option to inspect his snot. Yes, I do believe it really was a hideous brown colour. Thank god the man rarely gets sick and praise to all the single mothers out there, I suspect none of them have time for something as indulgent as a blog.

Ok, enough ranting, where is the brunch I hear you ask? Well, as my weekend  midmorning was spent at Coles doing the food shop with 2 small assistants, the brunch was not over here. However, the fantasy brunch of croissants and quiet reading of the entire paper that I was entertaining in my addled brain would not be complete without this gorgeous red and white canister set that I found a little while back on one of my prowls around Ipswich (nothing like scratching up an old unwritten and forgotten post when life gets in the way of bloggable experiences).

As well as hitting the op shops, imagine my delight at discovering a veritable cave of vintage goodies. The Vintage Advantage is on the main street and the owner finds he barely has to even go ferretting for items, most people just bring them in. Oh and he has a posse of little old ladies in a few local Churches who put things aside for him.

One of those gorgeous old shop fronts with huge glass windowcases either side of a foyer to showcase the wares.

And inside, every nook and cranny filled with goodies. I think I was roaming in there for a good hour or so. So many things to look at. I love it when items are stacked up to the ceiling.

Ipswich is not like the old days. Back in my uni days it was the Thong epicentre of the world. Now it has Boutique homewares stores. You know, the ones with 3 items of artfully placed furniture, complete with incredibly expensive price tags.

It has boutique cupcake stores. Complete with kids play corner. If it had a bed I'm sure Liongirl would be quite happy to just move in.

And boutique mower stores. Could easily leave the boys in there for  a few hours .

Ispwich, something for the whole family really. I should be doing their publicity. I would perhaps be obliged to leave out the fact that they were chosen by Jamie Oliver for one of his nutritional overhall kitchen schools.
Anyway, my only other sanity saver in the last 12 days of flying solo was a trip to Ikea. I love Ikea and with 2 small children there is only one way to do the experience known as Ikea.

1. Wait for a rainy day when you are really not sure what else you have up your sleeve.
2. Drive for 20 minutes with 2 year old who doesn't understand that the radio will not play "Who's that girl" by  Guy Sebastian  on request just because she thinks she is "that girl who walked in the club"
3. Park near a trolley bay and let the kids ride the trolley all the way into the store.
4. Go straight to the restaurant. Order the $2.95 breakfast for everyone. Do not order the kids breakfast as the lack of hash browns will be sure to cause conflict.
5. Do not forget to take your dirty dishes over to the conveyor belt into the dishwasher. This is at times the highlight of the trip.
6. Go to the toilets now as they are near the restaurant. Omit this step at your own peril.
7. Go straight into the kids section which in the Brisbane store is adjacent to the restaurant. Play with as many items as possible. Before we took them to Seaworld my kids thought this area was a theme park. It was unspoken but understood that none of these items are available for purchase.
8. Do not be tempted by any other sections on this level. This is not the time for contemplating wardrobes or lounges or kitchen layouts.
9. Go straight down to the lower level and pick up a mega trolley. It is helpful to add two $3 cushions to your purchase as it makes lying down on the trolley so much comfier.
10. Whizz through this section taking every possible short cut through doors made of plastic flaps.Sounds effects help but are optional. Remember this is Seaworld for toddlers, without the hideous entrance fee.
11. Just before exiting, pick out the one item you came here for that had been researched via the internet the day before to ensure stock availability.
12.Finish up with 50 cent soft serve icecreams ( if there is dairy allergy, selection of a really groovy battery free torch is a good idea)
13. Congratulations, you have 2 exhausted and exhilerated children just ready to nap all the way home. And you get to bring home these lovely items for an project to be revealed shortly.

(product disclaimer- no responsibility will be taken if the 13 step plan is not followed exactly and everything goes pear shaped).


  1. very funny post! your brunch attire is absolutely cute and i hope you get your paper and croissants soon:)

  2. Isn't Ipswich great for op shopping! Vintage Advantage was closed when I last went there but I feel the need to go back after reading this post.

    Gee, your husband must've been really really ill to be in bed for that long.

    And you're a brave woman to venture to ikea with small children. Plan and all. xx

  3. ah you had me in stitches!!

    I seriously loved your ikea rules - quite a few of them can be applied to visiting ikea with not-so-thrilled-husbands also.

    Vintage Advantage looks great! your Ipswich PR campaign has worked a treat - a drive out there might be on the cards for next weekend :)

  4. There is nothing like a sick man.... Can you imagine if Mums had to go to bed that long when unwell? (although, to give Legoman credit he does sound quite unwell....!!!)

    I love Ikea. I also seriously love the pinkness that is that cupcake shop. Farmgirl wouldn't leave either (For that matter, neither would I).

    Take care my bloggy friend.

  5. he he! you make me laugh Mel, hubby owes you big time I say! loving your little brunch set, Ipswich seems like my kind of place....mowers and all!

  6. Hey there, that sucks about hubby having more than just a man-cold. Hope he gets better soon. Love your 13 step IKEA plan, if only we had an IKEA in Lv and I would religiously put your plan into action. We have contemplated driving the 100s of kms to Poland with a mini-bus to visit IKEA lately. As for your daughter thinking that SHE was the girl who walked into the bar - made me laugh - because I remember at the tender age of 5 seriously believing that the blonde girl in ABBA (no, didn't know her name) would leave the group, and they would come to OZ to audition new blonde girls, and they would pick ME. That's why I knew all the ABBA songs by heart :)

  7. Wow,that's a post and a half!Love your new canisters and A Vintage Advantage is my kind of shop.Mr CH is down with germs caught from work and taking tomorrow off.Sounds like you have Ikea conquered,looking forward to seeing how those cute stools go.Stay well.

  8. Nothing better than a shop in the main street of town followed by a hot chocolate at Deanne's coffe house (my favorite)! I have not yet ventured into some of these stores but they look Ah-Maze-Ing!! I would also have to recommend the Jaffa cupcakes from Di...Licious. Loving the rules to ikea.

    Forever Crafting,

  9. That shop is one of my favourites to go and visit in Ipswich. I found my milk glass bowl in there and my hubby bought himself a pretty swoosh safari suit for a dress up party there, his prices are not too bad either I've found.

    Men and sickness just don't mix do they. I hope he feels better now.

    Have a great week. xo

  10. Got to love Ikea. Especially when the kids get older and you can loose them in the ball pit for an hour. I would love to be able to go rummaging around that op shop. Looks like fun. :) Sherry