Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pedals and Poppies

I trotted off to the Flower markets at Rocklea today, as one of the school mums had given me the heads up that poppies were now available. These are my absolute favourite flowers and the window for them in Brisbane is very brief due to the heat. They started popping open almost the minute we left the cool room. What a treat to have fresh flowers again, the last time (before the snapdragons that is) that we had fresh flowers in the house was for the open inspection on our old house just over a year ago.

While there, I also did a little reconnaisance work regarding the expected arrival dates for peonies (my other favourite flower) and was super excited to discover that they are due, give or take a few days, right around the time of our wedding anniversary. Lets hope Legoman is still reading this blog.

Imagine spending all day looking at a view like this. So much choice , the ranunculus bunches were lovely too .
Pretty much the only place with such a sea of pink would be the little cloud around miss Liongirl. Check out her new wheels, the big girl sort, with pedals. Was meant to be sequestered away until her upcoming third birthday in December but she kind of found the hiding spot and was overcome with rapture. Comes with a zip up bag for snacks and a basket for friends to ride in.

We are very big on ride-ons over here at Betsy, there is an assortment scattered around the place and a few ready to be retired. Thought you might want to see where miss Liongirl developed her fearless hooning tendencies. Probably started with this, one of my earlier curbside finds.

Or maybe this. You could really build up speed  down the very long hallway in our old house.

 And when it's your first birthday, there is usually at least one of your mates to give you a lift.

But then for out and about, you need some serious wheels to keep up with your big brother. Cause prams are for babies you know. This one will be retired to some friends now but was an old faithful and has done some major mileage.

And when you want to get about under your own steam, big brother hand me downs are fine, especially if they have a trailer for your friends. This was our recent rope along trike.

And within a day of hopping on her new bike, look what happened.

Mama, let go I can do it MYSELF. Minor details like the fact that she does not know how to brake or stop at roads or the fact that training wheels cause tippage on uneven surfaces, appear to be irrelevant. Of greater concern, this was a few days later.

Roboboy backed out. She did not. Who says that 2 year olds on pink Dora bicycles are not allowed on the bmx dirt biking track?


  1. That baby photo of your little peony knieval is a cracker!

  2. Check out that little cute.
    I love having fresh flowers around my's something I miss about the Markets in Brisbane..they were so cheap and plentiful :)

  3. You sure have a lot of wheels at your place!

    I love poppies (and ranunculus) too. I can't wait to plant a whole heap of bulbs for next spring. Do peonies grow here or prefer cooler climates?

  4. How cute is she? WE have gone thru so many bikes I have lost count and our yard always looks like doezens of kids live here coz bikes are everywhere

  5. She's adorable! And we have the same trolley cart.

    Love your poppies. I never think to go the Rocklea flower market but I will if I need some flowers. xx

  6. Rip it up, Liongirl! You rock! That is SO like Mikus, he is always ready to be the daredevil, especially if it means he will ride down a slope that his big brother is too scared to tackle :) Hey, last summer I realized that peonies were my favourite flowers too! Because I had seen them at the flower market for years, and then our country neighbour gave us some for our garden... they are AWESOME. So unapologetically robust, scented and lucious. So far we only have hot pink ones but I am planning to plant more... when are you coming to visit?

  7. oh my goodness...look her as a little bubba! she's divine. love your family bike riding ways. i can't get enough of mine. can't believe i left it so long to get a bike after the age of 16! those poppies are so gorgeous! ranunculus have to be my favourite, so wild and beautiful. i have a best friend who is a florist so i get all the inside goss. have you seen billy buttons? they're just too pretty. have a wonderful sunday and thank you for all the blog loving lately. xx