Friday, April 6, 2012

Holiday Happenings

Well, Easter holidays are in full swing over here at Betsy's. We have had plays in the park with mates, working bees at school, and very important trips to Bunnings for supplies of the painting variety. The gerbera  pot was a  holiday survival present to myself as was the spotty dotty contact to cover the pot.

I am not beyond a little child labour on holidays. Window cleaning never loses appeal when you have your own spray bottle and paper towel. It must have dropped below 20 degrees so miss Liongirl felt that dressing gowns, ugg boots and beanies were required. We are obviously not remotely suited to living in a cold climate.

Miss Liongirl also had an end of term performance for ballet. That's her 4th from the right taking it all very seriously with the toe pointed out thing going on. I love her dance school. It's very casual, the kids can wear whatever they want, the hall is old and peeling and there is not even a whiff of preciousness anywhere.

For Roboboy, holidays mean dragging out every piece of duplo he can find and creating animal rescue centres. Pretty much every holiday he has to whip up one of these old favourites.

And for me all this sunshine means just one thing.

PAINTING of course! The great de- custarding of my lounge room is back on and in full swing. Look, that one big yellow stripe is all I have left. Perfect timing as Legoman is around for the next few days to help me lug heavy furniture out of the way. At this stage he is still completely unaware that I have also started painting the ceiling ( this was not actually part of the deal but it just looks so shabby now that the walls are so good that I couldn't help myself).

Actually, even the really nasty pole in the middle of the room is no longer yellow. This pole will be going when we add a new deck, but so nice to see it white for however many months I still have to live with it.

So I'm resting a sore wrist tonight  and hoping I can knock this room over before the long weekend is done. Let's hope the sunshine holds out a bit longer as we have lots of outdoor plans as well.

Happy Happy Easter to you all. May the next few days be full of family and chocolate feasts.


  1. oh mel you make me giggle so hard. that little lady of yours is awesome entertainment and i adore how you write about her. she's too adorable. i hope the decustardfying goes to plan, it's all looking great. i forgot to mention that your photos in the previous post are serious eye candy...incredible infact....we need you on instagram! anyway lovely, enjoy the weekend and happy easter to you and your beautiful family too. xx

  2. I have a little girl here too who wishes it was 20 degrees lower too, the first hint of the cold she's rugging up it's lots of fun. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Happy Easter to you and your family. xx

  3. So adorable in her tutu, your son building and working hard!

    Love your new painted walls,the room now looks so it!
    Happy Easter to the cutest family ever!

  4. All your colour looks great against white walls. SO close to being finished. Keep going!!
    I'd want to frame that last photo with the tyre swing. It's beautiful.

  5. We have just got rid of our nasty yellow kitchen Mel, so I'm sharing your joy there.

    Love that pic of the little girls lined up at the barre, what a beautiful building to dance in. That old fan and plaster work, gorgeous.

    Have a lovely Easter Mel. Happy painting x

  6. Oh Mel,

    It's looking fabulous! I'm about to begin sanding down the boards used to wall in the old bathroom entrance. Then I'll be painting, painting, painting just like you!

    Your photos are beautiful. Always so colourful and gorgeous!

    Liongirl's ballet class is hilarious. I love what the girl to Liongirl's left is doing. Very avante guarde!
    x Rachael

  7. I love the pic with the dancing girls. So cute. Lounge is looking fabulous too. bec x

  8. Lovely post Mel. May your school break be happy and peaceful. Best of luck in completing your decustarding this weekend and a happy Easter too!

  9. That's one very cute ballerina,love the co-ordinating skirt and boots and roboboy's creation is spectacular.Living room is looking lovely as well, enjoy the working bee.Happy Easter.

  10. Fresh paint, crepe myrtle in flower and ballerinas who you know personally...what happy joys!

  11. Oh what a difference all that white makes, looks so good Mel. Love the little girls in ballet costume, Lion girl look just like Rosa in hers. Looks like a very productive Easter. xx

  12. Oh what a difference all that white makes, looks so good Mel. Love the little girls in ballet costume, Lion girl look just like Rosa in hers. Looks like a very productive Easter. xx

  13. Looks like you have had a great weekend.
    Easter eggs, dressing gowns, window cleaning and (a little) painting going on here too ... Brrr feels
    Iike the winter holidays not the April hols!

  14. PS the white walls look great! What an achievement!