Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holiday of Firsts

This was our third holiday at Moffat Beach, Caloundra but there seemed to be an epic number of firsts this time.
It was the first time I managed to get our beach umbrella to not blow away.

Not only did Roboboy get his first boogie board ( covered in tropical fish of course), he also stood on it for the first time,

and discovered the ultimate joy of catching his first wave.

Liongirl made her first drip castles under a rainbow,

and Roboboy helped make her first mermaid tail. (She was buried up to her chin at one point but of course moved before I could take a photo).

We managed to not only find  a sea cucumber but pick one up carefully for the first time.

And then watch as it magically turned itself into a number seven - For Annie because it is her favourite number and for luck.

This was the first time we were able to pack light enough to also fit bikes and scooters. (Last time we had a boot full of Christmas presents and the time before that we had a portacot,potty and highchair.) Nothing like a pair of tutu swimmers for scootering by the sea.

It was the first time Grandad and Nanny were up the coast at the same time as us.

And the first time we had a record win in the Hermit Crab races - that would be Roboboy's crab over the finish line and all the rest  still on the starting block.

And my personal first? Finally experimenting with the old hipstamatic photo app. I know everybody else has been doing this for years but better late than never really. The clouds were spectacular while we were at the beach.

So, now were are all charged up with enough sunshiny goodness to last all through winter. And enough op shop treasures that they really needed their own entire post. Back soon with a pile of vintage goodies.


  1. i so enjoy your family posts mel. your family is just gorgeous and i love seeing what little lady lion is wearing. a true model at heart i think. your holiday sounds blissful and you know i'm excited about the vintage goodies. until next time. xx

  2. I've holidayed at Moffat Beach since I was a little girl.....having a family holiday unit helps. I love the op shops up there....looking forward to seeing what treasures you've found.

  3. I love the photo of the kids with Grandad and Nanna! It's a keeper!

    Your holiday looks spectacular. Drip castles, rainbows and catching waves. I wish I could be a kid again for a few days.
    Rachael x

  4. This is such a fantastic time of year to be on holidays and at the beach.
    So brave of the kids to pick the sea cucumber up, I know I wouldn't have.

  5. Oh those tutu swimmers! she is just too cute. My Harvey loves to stand on his boogie board, very clever indeed. What a great holiday Mel....I look forward to the op shop post.

  6. What a lovely post of family time.....your kids are so cute......CUTE!

  7. What a fabulous day at the beach, but that umbrella is something totally special, i'm trying to hunt down my husband's family fringed 60's umbrella. Love Posie

  8. Gorgeous photos and you can't go past a ballerina swimming suit!

  9. Looks like a wonderful break mel. beautiful photos. we have just been away for a few days too. no tutu swimmers in my neck of the woods tho. polarfleece and beanies for us!
    LOVE the sea cucumber.

  10. Such lovely photos. I hope you still have that holiday feeling Fx

  11. You had another of my favourites right there as that is our family's favourite beach holiday spot too! I also love a nice squirty sea cucumber. Those rock pools are the absolute BEST aren't they!
    Did you get to the big Lifeline there? My darling bro brought me goodies from there to the hospital all wrapped in 'special' newspaper! Can't wait to see the oppy haul!

  12. You can't beat the kids having fun in the fresh air, exploring, happy and not a telly in sight! Love QLD beaches. Your photos are beautiful.

  13. Wow. What an excellent holiday!
    Love that last photo, but the sea cucumber freaks me out a bit ...