Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creamy rice and all things nice

Well it's been a horror few weeks here at Betsy's. There was the rain, and there was the influenza which my children decided to both acquire, one painstaking week at a time. Yep, that was 7 days of  high fevers and sleep deprivation with miss Liongirl and then another 7 days of Groundhog day with Roboboy. He now takes the house record for a fever at 40.4 which saw his brain bubbling. He was obviously  delerious as at 3 a.m he started spouting off maths equations. As I staggered around calculating panadol doses, he was confirming that 12 plus 6 does indeed equal 18. So, other than that first day out in the rain to the toy sales, our total outings for the school holidays =  NIL. (Unless you count that sanity dash of  mine to Coles, just so I could leave the house).

In order to stay sane, I did what any sensible, sleep deprived, housebound, brain addled mother does. I went shopping on Etsy, and  cooked comfort food.  The gorgeous little print above came flying across the world from Handmade by Alice Apple and suddenly I started feeling a little better.

I was inspired to try a Rice pudding recipe in the latest edition of House and Garden. I should have been more suspicious about the fact that it contained five eggs. It was a dry disgusting eggy disaster despite me following the directions exactly. I was so cranky I decided that I could do a better job on my own and after much huffing around the kitchen, I did it, I actually managed to make the creamiest of creamy rice, DAIRY FREE. Yep, a small miracle really. I can only imagine how good this would be if it had real milk, but for an imposter it's pretty good and super easy. I'll post the recipe down the bottom.

This child has been eating like a bird and doing maths for fun. He needs to go back to school. I need him to go back to school, hopefully tomorrow.

He did manage to complete one new giant artwork. Let's call it "All my guppies and my fish tank make me really happy".

This child has still been wearing inappropriate summer clothing if there is even the tiniest scrap of sun.

All this enforced time at home has allowed us to tackle some of those jobs that just never get done. We sat in the warm sunshine and painstakingly repaired 13 toddler books that had been on the receiving end of vigorous flap ripping from a much younger Liongirl.

And, we read through this pile that came home from the oppie last week.

And lastly, I am trying to not run screaming from the house upon the discovery that Legoman has now spent the day in bed with fevers and chills........... Best be off to make another batch of this yumminess.

Creamy rice (to ward off insanity and other ills)

 Add 3/4 cup medium grain rice to 3 cups of  rice milk ( or any milk) to a saucepan and bring to the boil.Turn down and simmer on a low heat for 20 mins, stirring intermittently.

In a small bowl whisk 1 egg with 1/3 cup caster sugar. Take pan off heat and add egg/sugar mix and stir quickly. Pop pan back on low heat and stir frequently while egg cooks through for another 5 minutes. Serve into ramekins and eat hot or cold. Super- yum!


  1. Oh god, we've all been sick too. Here's hoping you manage to avoid it. I can completely empathise with the houseboundednessness crazy town.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sick kiddos (and now husband too, O-Oh!) Poor you. Eat lots of that delicious looking rice pudding Mel to keep yourself healthy and lurgy free.
    I love rice pudding, I think it's the answer to all life's problems - a bit like chicken soup, but yummier.
    I love Roboboy's latest artwork x

  3. I hope your little man is feeling better....and your princess is so mom used to make a warm sweet rice dish that was so good, I'll have to try this with my kids!

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  5. Oh poor you and your little ones! Hope you're all fully recovered soon. I got one of those Alice Apple prints too - well 3 actually, because I couldn't decide which colourway I liked best...but I'll give at least one to a friend as a gift, if I can bear to. Take care of yourself as well as everyone else Mel! Rachel xx

  6. For one I'm the only sick one around here but rice pudding sounds like the go.

  7. Oh dear, sorry to hear you've had a bad run. Hope you all get well soon. I think it's been the same in every household this Winter. It's been hell here too - but it's much worse when hubby gets "man flu"!
    Motherhood is certainly the toughest gig around. xx

  8. Oh no, all that sickness. Hope you all are on the mend.
    Creamy rice, now that looks good.

  9. oh dear! Sounds like a terrible time. I was so happy when my kids went back to school. Happier than I really ought to have been!! xx

  10. Hi, I love looking through your blog! I am one a dairy free diet so will have a go a the recipe, actually I really like rice milk! Love your little print! Ada :)

  11. Hi, I love looking through your blog! I am one a dairy free diet so will have a go a the recipe, actually I really like rice milk! Love your little print! Ada :)

  12. Oh dear, you poor things. I hope you are all well and truly over it now! Love your new vintage golden books and the creamy rice sounds delicious. I get cravings for rice pudding and this sounds like the perfect recipe to whip up quickly to satisfy the longing for comfort food! xx