Friday, August 31, 2012

Milestones, Vespas and Peonies

Everytime I see this cheeky face now, all I can think of is the Grand Canyon. I think Roboboy must have some massive chompers coming through. Just really hoping he can fit his father's superior teeth into his mother's not so superior lower jaw. This is the fourth tooth he has lost but somehow front teeth seem like such a milestone. His first tooth fell out at 6 years and one week, following a long term trend of rolling at 4 months and one week, crawling at 6 months and one week and walking at 13 months and one week. Now I just want the other one to fall out so we can start singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth....."

In other news I have been extremely slack in not acknowledging two recent awards that I was kindly nominated for. Both Jane from Teawagon Tales and Ada Bea from Vintage Sheet Addict shouted me a recent bloggy hello from the other side of the world and while it has taken me weeks to acknowledge, Sarah from Squiggling About also popped up and passed me over a Liebster award. Thanks so much girls, it is lovely to know that Betsy's adventures are being appreciated in faraway places. 

I think with one of these awards I am supposed to tell you a few obscure things about me:

 I LOVE everything about Italy. Legoman and I spent  a month there as our last hurrah before children.

I love the buildings the colour of gelato. This would be chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

The fields of poppies.

The crumbling stone villas in Tuscany.

and cypress sunsests.

I long to return, but the memories of this trip, eight long years ago still fill me with joy.

 My favourite flowers are poppies and peonies. Both of which have a season of about a week where you can obtain them in our subtropical climate. Thank goodness for peony season being right around the time of my wedding anniversary.

Inspired by our first taste hiring vespa scooters on that trip, we came home and bought one of our own. For six years we have shared our little Vespa to ride to work. Despite having a six month old baby, I managed to obtain my motorbike license so I could return to part time work without us having to get a second car. And now it completely justifies my purchase of coats and scarves as even in Brisbane it gets cold on an early winters morning.

And now to share the bloggy love around a little. These are a few of my favourite new discoveries.

West End Cottage - Caroline's renovation of her Brisbane Queenslander cottage (unless she gets distracted and buys a different one)

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Zaranne Handmade- Zara 's wonderful vintage finds and crafty creations

Have a wonderful weekend. Spring arrives tomorrow, yippee!


  1. Oh Mel. Now I love your coat even more. It is just perfect teamed with your Vespa. Go you! Are you ever scared of the traffic? I would be for sure. I had an accident riding a moped in the Cook Islands and I haven't been back on the horse since.
    Ps Those peonies are divine.

  2. Nice to hear more about you! My friends just returned from Italy and is raving about it! My eldest DID loose both her front teeth one Christmas, she was well and truly fed up of that song come January!!! Ada :)

  3. You really are rocking that Vespa lady. Love the Italy pics, what a dream! My little guy lost his other top tooth this week, looks very funny :)sarah

  4. What beautiful pictures....and your little man is so adorable!

  5. Awesome vespa! Italy is one of my favourite destinations too...loved Rome so much. Xx

  6. Love your Vespa! Could definitely use one around here - parking has become somewhat of a nightmare. Oh, and thanks for mentioning my blog. xx

  7. Your Italy holiday looks fabulous, what a wonderful memory. Terribly impressed that you are brave enough to ride a scooter around. I love the look of them and gosh you look so glamorous on yours but the Sydney traffic scares me no end! My parents garden is full of peonies in Spring, growing them (and tulips) is my dad's passion in the garden. x

  8. How gorgeous and cool do you look on your Vespa Audery, I mean Mel? Very. You really know how to pull off a helmet btw. Love your Roman Holiday pics. Roboboy's certainly got a big gap to fill. He's such a cutie x

  9. I love your coat! And your scarf!
    Of course it is officially time to pack away the winter items!
    I am so glad that spring has sprung here in Brisbane!

    Good luck getting that other tooth out before Christmas!

  10. Looking good with that coat and scarf.

  11. Hi Mel!

    Love your pics of Italy. And who knew it? We also share a love of Vespas. I rode one in Sydney. It was an old Black Vespa 200pxe. So cool. Sooooo cheap to run. Was sad to sell it when we moved to Murwillumbah.


  12. Thanks, Mel. I love the gelati walls too. The okie places on tops of hills were my favorites. Your Vespa is most groovy. My other half just bought an ex-postie's motorbike! Not quite as cool but petrol friendly too.

  13. Looking gorgeous on your Vespa. Poppies are my favourite too. We have poppies everywhere at my work this time of year and every year I vow that I will plant some at our house.