Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday playground antics part one

I wanted to share a fantastic  playground discovery we recently stumbled across. Given that there are still two weeks left of the school holidays, I thought it might be nice for some of my local followers to have some fresh options  to exhaust the children make the most of this hot summer weather we are having.

This playground has been built on the site of the old Tennyson power station that was demolished years ago when it was deemed too unsafe to salvage. (It had just the right ambience  for the filming of Scooby Doo Two though).

image from Mirvac

Some small remnants of the original brick walls have been retained as a historical feature right on the banks of the Brisbane River.

And the playground itself has been creatively themed around the structure and function of this historical site. This particular section of riverside land was intend to house a huge apartment building but was flooded in 2011 and subsequently reclaimed by the council for parkland.

It is huge and has a massive climbing area for bigger kids, miss Liongirl would be included now she is four (she would have been all over this at three too).

But the absolute best part, the feature that has had us back there no less than five times in two weeks? Well that would be the tap, in the sandpit. So simple but so, so, so appealing, even when you are nearly seven. Never in all my years of park crawls, of which there have been hundreds, have I ever come across an open slather water option in a sandpit. We are now packing togs with every visit.

There is serious negotiation around that button as to who gets to press, for how long, which trough is being filled next and where to direct the overflow. By the last visit Roboboy had it all sorted. Actually after a good soak I think he and a posse of boys moved onto making concealed traps, as you do.

And if all this is not quite awesome enough, there is a superb cafe 50 metres away. We sampled of course.

So if you fancy some of the above, this brand new playground only opened about three weeks ago so you have advanced notice on the hoards who will no doubt descend when word gets out. It is quite hot due to lack of mature trees so I would suggest early morning or late afternoon . There are some great paths for scootering too.

 You can find the Tennyson Riverside Park on King Arthur Terrace at Tennyson, adjacent to the Queensland Tennis Centre, the closest train station is Yeerongpilly.

Buzz Bistro is visible from the playground, it is partly obscured by a large poinciana tree and is on the ground floor level of the closest apartment block to the playground.

And I have another all kinds of awesome park and playground for bigger kids to share soon.


  1. This looks every bit as fanatstic as it sounds. Can't beat a great park!

  2. oh to live in a city that provides such wonderous adventure playgrounds!....but thanks mel you have given me an idea for play today....the hose is going in the sandpit!
    Allison x

  3. Will have to check this out. I'd seen it on the media, but your run-down makes it all the more appealing.

  4. Hi - thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure to check out this new park with the boys. xx

  5. Even though I live on the other side of the world I was fascinated by this - the park sounds amazing! Sand and water = perfect. Especially with this hot weather you are having. And a nice, nearby cafe too.

    Love your daughter's rainbow skirt, by the way.

    Gillian x

  6. That looks awesome! It's a little far away from us though. Maybe one day when we're over that way we'll check it out :)
    Cas x

  7. What a great park!! I love the mosaics. We have a local park that is built around a 'coal-mining' theme, that has a huge slide coming from the top of a poppet-head. It is wonderful that playgrounds are being built that allow children to climb and take 'safe' risks.

  8. Hi Mel, I love these kind of posts even though I'm not a local so don't ever let that put you off :-). I love seeing snippets of your part of the world and what you get up to up there. I totally agree about the water and sand combination being a winner. Such fun! Sadly, we left Sydney literally a week after they opened the most amazing park at Darling Harbour with water channels that the kids could open and shut themselves. It was the best, especially given the litigious "anti-fun" world we find ourselves in. Mel x

  9. Great photos Mel - my boys would love that park. Love the frangipani photo - although they don't grow here, they are my favourite flower xo

  10. Toddler C would love that sandpit!
    There is a similar one in Rosalie but they have turned off the water...and you are right, the water totally makes it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    We will have to check out this playground soon!

  11. Looks like a fun park. Miss living in Brisbane sometimes. New Farm Park was always a good place to lose a few hours in. I think you're right - its going to be super popular once word gets out

  12. PS Ella has the exact same skirt. A great twirly skirt worn on high rotation for a long time. Has had it since around 4yo and has worn it at least once a week since then...and shes turning 8 soon!

  13. Looks amazing, interesting how they have a great water toy considering the "use less" message continually drummed into our heads.I think Roboboy is quite photogenic, must be his baby blues.

  14. We visited this park for the first time on Sunday afternoon. The climbing frame is fantastic. Our youngest son has ASD and II and was very determined to get from one end to the other. On his second trip to the park on Monday he did it and was so incredibly proud of himself. This is very nice and handy for us and will be a definate family favourite.