Saturday, July 27, 2013

Woolly winter wanderings, the Warwick way

So, last weekend I escaped for the inaugural annual sanity sewing circle girls weekend. My sewing group (which kind of fell apart this year due to my reno and general domestic hoo-ha for the other girls)  were all still very keen to take some time out to recharge our worn out mama batteries.

It had dawned on me that while renovations are exciting (in a nausea inducing kind of way) they are also very, well BROWN. As in brown mud, brown timber, brown sawdust, and brown dirt and dust everywhere. And whilst I like the colour brown (it's black I'm not friends with) one can have too much brown. Especially in winter, when the days are equally grey.

 For a colour lover like me, all that brown is a big ask. And a weekend of riotous colour was just what the doctor ordered for my cranky pants mood.

With two of us able to crochet in a basic fashion and one keen to learn we headed west for the Jumpers and Jazz festival in Warwick. We booked into an all day crochet class and had grand plans to go op shopping (regional are always the best), sleep in, wear coats, scarves and boots, slurp hot chocolates, stay up late chatting and soak up eyefuls of glorious yarnbombing. It exceeded all our expectations and the drive home late on Sunday was filled with plans to go back next year.

For me, it was the perfect combination of gorgeous architecture and colourful woolly goodness.

The deciduous trees dotted either side of the main town street had each been claimed (by either groups or individuals) and had been adorned by either crochet,

or knitting,

or paper,

or felt

or fabric,

or recycled plastic.

Several had been done solely by children.

And some were just, ahem, interesting.

There were some gorgeous little shops to explore.

And pretty things to covet, (but not purchase as unfortunately I have other  porcelain items to throw wads of money at, you know the white vitreous china versions essential to a functional bathroom).

There were tiny details everywhere. Some required you to look up high.

Some were down at your feet.

Roboboy declares this his personal favourite, after spending an eternity trawling through all my photos.

And Liongirl predictably chose this one.

And I have to admit, this little yarny badger was pretty darn cute.

Me, I'm not sure I can choose a favourite, but I do have a few more to share in another post.


  1. Ooh - the bondage dolly tree is deffo my favourite. Does that say bad things about me? All looks very joyous!

  2. Oh my goodness, how fun this must have been!!! Love all the tiny details.

  3. Sounds like a very cheery weekend away Mel. So good you were able to take a break. I must say I am a bit with badger.

  4. would love to get there one folks are there this weekend. I must vow to go nxt year! all the colour. I love me some felt and ruffles! x

  5. That sounds like such a great weekend...I love all that colour! And the cold and a very hot coffee and late nights sipping wine with girl friends sounds perfect too! I am glad that you were able to take a bit of a break...and come back refreshed...and ready to buy a toilet!

  6. Wow, wow, wow! Amazing my mouth would be permanently open! Sane people don't renovate, didn't you know that....believe me it will all be worth it! Hope you are past that yucky bit! :) x

  7. Looks like a fun place to recharge your batteries!!

  8. Oh gosh so much yarn bombing. All that time and effort really makes for quiet a show.
    Happy to hear you had a nice weekend away lovely lady. x

  9. Despite the riot of colour, I can still feel the chill in the air just looking at your photos. So glad you were able to get a leave pass and recharge your batteries. xx

  10. Truly amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a lovely day, Pam

  11. Great photos, the yarn bombing is amazing xo

  12. Spectacular! Thank you for sharing. I would love to go!

  13. Oh my goodness, lucky you didn't take the kids, you never would have left the street! All that effort, spectacular.

  14. What fun! It's been years since I've been, I remember how cold it was though :-).

  15. That pretty much sounds like my perfect weekend - with all that talk of cosy yarn, hot chocolate and walks in the crisp air you've got me wishing it was autumn. The yarn bombing is amazing - so much creativity and colour! x

  16. That's fantastic! So much to see, I loved the snail in the tree and the look on the badger's face.

  17. What gorgeous colours, I love the chicken one!