Friday, August 23, 2013

Ratbags and showbags

Last week was the Ekka show public holiday. These two ratbags have never been to the actual show but this year I thought the peer pressure at school might kick in. I asked Roboboy if he wanted to go, to which he replied "No mama, you know I don't like crowds". Yep, I certainly know about that.

So, instead we took a day away from all the reno chaos and visited my mother in law on the other side of town. Her local shops host a family fun day every year and for the last three years we have spent our show day over there, with the perfect number of free rides for kids and virtually no queues or crowds.
Throw in a chupa chup showbag and it was an awesome day.

Roboboy has never been remotely keen to sit on a horse before, always makes me smile to see him try new things, thank goodness for fearless younger sisters to pave the way.

She might be fearless on horseback but the abundance of fears at bed time is requiring significant discussion. In an attempt to "hear" her concerns, I asked her to tell me all the things she was afraid of while I was tucking her in. I intended to then supply rational reasons why these fears were unfounded.

1. Wolves (particularly the big bad variety)- none in Australia
2. Witches - only in Brisbane for Halloween
3. Dinosaurs- extinct
4. Snakes- all hibernating, and no, the warm reverse cycle aircon will not lure them inside
5. Spiders- too cold
6. Dogs (how much longer can this list be)- unable to open doors and get in the house
7. Foxes- ditto number 6.

She then promptly rolled over and asked me to read yet another book featuring witches, wolves and  foxes. Sigh.


  1. Great pics Mel. I love your girls imagination. I would have rats on my list though, yuck! Have a fab weekend xo

  2. Such a lovely little day out. I do enjoy a good family fun day.

  3. I've never been to the Ekka (I'm not a fan of crowds and queues either) so this sounds like a much better option. I love Roboboy's long T-shirt and you've gotta love that you can wear a pretty frock in the middle of August! xx

  4. Monsters is number 1 on Frankies list....they don't exist....yes they they don't... YES THEY DO MUM! get the picture....have resorted to letting her fall asleep on the couch....I so know Im going to regret that move but for now its working. Looks like a great fun day out. Charlie had a few firsts on our little holiday....they are such sweet victories aren't they. Al x

  5. Oh I love the look on his face! Priceless!
    Toddler C has been expressing fear lately too...his list isn't as long hers...he seems mostly afraid of idea how that one started but I have a feeling he might be following Peppa Pig's lead.

  6. That's great that your boy went on the the horse and that liongirl was able to encourage him. Other children can be good like that. Looks like a lovely day out and how awesome is roboboys shirt.

  7. Great memories.....and I love your laundry room WOW thats a stunner Momma!

  8. 1)Liongirl, I love you and your list of fears!
    2) My GOD, I am totally gobsmacked by your shelving in the new storage cupboard! Fancy stainless steel appliances be damned, every girl needs extra shelving like that!
    3) All those THOSE BIG BOXES for a box city - totally awesome.
    Cheers, M xxx