Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rainbows and thunderstorms

Oh it is a good feeling to be able to walk. Roboboy brought home this timely artwork from school and it is reminding me to count my rainbows.  Last week I was finally up and about and on the receiving end of lots of friends popping over with cake and sharing cups of tea and school news out on the deck.

Meanwhile the thunderstorms have been plentiful too. Real ones, with thunder and lightning and pelting rainfall at school pick up that reminds me of my childhood. This particular afternoon the sky was the most eery green colour as the storm rolled in, I was sure there would be hail, but not at our place.

I am back into doing kindy drop offs again, always nice to see Liongirl's new artwork on the walls,

and even better to unpack the paint- a-plate masterpiece that finally came home in the kindy bag. Our family- that's me with the liberal application of blue lipstick.

Possibly inspired by the arrival of the blue tutu for the upcoming ballet concert. There was much twirling and taking of bows in this outfit the minute it came home.

 A brief foray to the oppies provided just what I needed. A pile of vintage crepe paper for a rainbow fish piƱata. I even love the paper parrot label.

A quick dash to the new pop up shop for Everingham and Watson for a special present. So much colour to swoon over.

It seems the humble prawn maybe the next decorating icon.

 And then finally on the weekend, some serious unpacking of boxes in a desperate search for household order, personal sanity and the missing camera charger. While none of these were actually located, at least we found the stash of Peppa Pig toys. Priorities.

Lastly, I managed to eradicate two years of small child filth out of my Eames replica chairs. The specimen on the right is the reason why there is a market for replica chairs.  The specimen on the left is the result of some serious elbow grease and gumption paste.

It is strangely very satisfying to make your white plastic chairs look like they have never, ever had the misfortune of meeting a small child. And perhaps an indication that I am ready to go back to work.

After two weeks of doing not much and altogether too much web browsing, can I suggest you check out this very catchy song What does the fox say? (especially if you have a fox mad child like mine) and if you have small children at all, send them over to Triple Zero to play this free game and learn how to call emergency services. It gives me peace of mind to know that if Mama or Dada fell down and would not wake up that both my kids would know what to do.


  1. So glad you're up and around and feeling so much better!

  2. Cute blog! I love the lego logo and all the rainbows in the post :) Best outcome of any storm.

  3. What a lovely artwork! Glad to hear you are up and about and unpacking! xx

  4. Glad that you are up and about again, your chairs are lovely, just my style! I take it that blue lipstick is not your usual choice!! Love yours and your little ones rainbows though for a bit of colour. Looking forward to seeing your pinata (can't spell!!). xx

  5. Such a cute little piece of art! Good to hear you are up and about again :)

  6. Funny post! Blue lipstick, GORGEOUS!
    I've been meaning to get myself a tub of gumption. Makes miracles happen apparently and proof is right there in front of me with your chairs. Well done.

  7. Yay for being able to walk around and get back into the day to day activities.
    That shop looks AMAZING. Gosh I bet it was hard not to spend a fortune there. Who would have thought prawns were 'in' at the moment.

  8. Great to see you getting back into the swing of things and thanks for the distraction from unpacking my boxes! ;-)

    1. Oh and please tell me you are framing Roboboy's rainbow artwork! Seriously gorgeous!!!

  9. I'm glad to see things are getting back to normal for you, one should never leave the house without their Blue lippy on :-)

  10. Good to hear you're up and about. Seriously good artwork coming home from school I see - you must have a lot of trouble deciding which ones make the walls. Those picture plates are great aren't they - I've got a little collection of them over here which seem to have lasted a lot longer than some designer melamine pieces I bought a while back, most of which have been broken. I am at the point where I need to think about some new dining chairs. White chairs did spring to mind, but my crew would have them in 50 shades of grey in no time. xx

  11. I adore the rainbow art. Wise words too. I am so glad you are up and about Mel. My kids are mad about the fox song. Beats gangman style. We are well and truly over that.

  12. Love those chairs, the art.....fabby post! Heidi

  13. What does the fox say aghhhhh my kids won't stop singing that! Lovely post, seems you are seeing all the beauty i the world, keep it up.

  14. Apparently the whole song is satirical- and yet so popularity

  15. Hi Mel,
    Just catching up here on your blog and would like to say ...
    your kitchen looks amazing
    sorry about your leg, but yey for getting a good rest (and I fantasise about that, too!)
    glad you are on the mend
    like you, I'm quite happy about far-off bloggers visiting but nervous about real people up close dropping in!
    and as always, love your blog.

  16. Oh my, there is some good, GOOD stuff in that pop up shop! I leaned in really close to the screen so that I could scrutinise it all...

    I'm so glad to hear that you're up and about and getting back into the rhythms of family life. Roboboy's rainbow painting is just gorgeous! He has a talent. We have some Eames DSLR chairs and the white ones take a real battering with sticky hands - every few months I attack them with that cream bathroom cleaner (Cif we call it here) and a sponge and they come up really well. x