Thursday, December 19, 2013

Two weeks of sunshine and colour

As the Christmas break beckons, the end of kindy is finally wrapped up and all I can see is so much seasonal colour all around. The summer sun beats down and all the world is more vibrant. My fox pillow, finished just in time for Liongirl's birthday.

Colourful gifts lovingly unpacked from  the kindy bag.

Oh how I love kindy art work, although that black background did throw me as the only other black thing in this house is the TV.

Shafts of rainbow light striking perfectly placed milk glass.

Rainbow bunting glowing in the morning sun and when the poincianas are in flower, Christmas is just around the corner.

Striking pink peonies thankfully still in season in December, weeks after the wedding anniversary we both forgot.

All that remains of the poor ravaged piƱata.

The treasure we will be mowing up for months or even years.

Stumbling across happy play scenes in Liongirl's room.

 Gorgeous bowls for the kindy teachers, to be filled with chocolates and wrapped in cellophane.

One of them could possibly turn up in my Santa sack, no guessing which colour.

More kindy Christmas craft, even more spectacular than the first.

I think this self portrait needs a frame, it certainly won't be used for drying the dishes.

And lastly it appear that the mermaid grotto has a squatter. This cheeky possum had sauntered in one evening through the open deck doors and had no doubt been sniffing around for treats.

Now we can bring on Christmas, I'm almost ready.


  1. I love all the colour...and all the craft.
    I hope that you and your family have a very merry Christmas!

  2. SO colourful! I am loving it!! Definitely frame the tea towel. The resemblance is remarkable! You'll have a wonderful Christmas I can tell. xo

  3. Beautiful! I wish I got lovely Christmas gifts like that from my students (but maybe hold off on the chocolates if it isn't too late!) S much lovely colour!! x

  4. All that beautiful colour. Liongirl is quite the artist. x

  5. Great artworks there from you little team! You will have a lot of colour around the house this Christmas. Hope that you get rid of the squatter from the grotto - he isn't a mermaid!! Perhaps he didn't realise!! Great tea towel, and definately too good to use on the dishes! Happy Christmas xx

  6. Oh kindy artworks are the best! One year though every other child made a clay item with handprints apart from my son, as he wasn't interested in doing it. I was a bit gutted that everyone had a cool gift for their mums but not this mum...
    Possums are a pest in NZ and you can do what you want with them.... (not very Christmassy!)

  7. The kindy artwork is wonderful! But my favourite is that self-portrait - amazing!!!! You must definitely frame it. xx

  8. Rainbows are just amazing, always such a joy to see, any type.
    Love the possum, I can't wait to show Hannah the photo in the morning, she'll be fascinated. We do have squirrels in the garden, the dogs find it great sport to chase them.
    Hope all's well there, katie xx

  9. Lovely colour floating around your house Mel. I always loved the hues of preschool paint. Best wishes to your family for Christmas.

  10. This post warmed my heart! Beautiful images once again. Merry Christmas!

  11. I just loved all this kindy craft. So heart warming xx

  12. Thanks for sharing all your exuberant art and colour! A very grey dull Christmas Eve in Sydney. Wishing you a lovely and colourful Christmas in your bigger lovelier home!

  13. Mel your little foxy lady turned out do beautifully.

  14. So much colour! I love all the kindy craft - I treasure all the glitter-encrusted "objects" the kids bring me home from school. Those bowls are lovely. Lucky teachers! x

  15. Oh wow the fox turned out so beautifully I have loved watching its progress and I am sure your little girl loves it and will be treasured for many years - homemade so special hey