Wednesday, April 9, 2014


a portrait of my chidden, once a week, every week in 2014 inspired by Jodi

He : getting his rock shop ready, I think he has been "trading" with his sister which probably means fleecing all his favourites out of her pile.

She : is  choosing a design for me from her face painting book. We drew lots of different designs - butterflies, mermaids, cats, dragons then she coloured them in. Into a plastic sleeve folder they go for her face painting shop. Then all she needs is a cup of water and a paintbrush and she carefully paints your face with the chosen design. This particular day she decided to treat me to a free face paint- at six am while I was still asleep!


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  2. Love these photos, those little plastic containers with compartments are great, they keep kids entertained for hours. Great idea for the face painting, she must be keen if there are 6am starts! xo

  3. Oh that's priceless! Did the 6am facepainting extend to linen decorating, too?
    Love the collection in the plastic container, all colour-coordinated.
    Can I come and play?