Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crochet 101 here I come

Isn't this a delightful work of art that seems too good to be destined for a life of pins? My gorgeous friend Trace from  here  made it for me as she knows how much I admire her creations and that I am on a path to be more creative this year.

So I am extremely proud to announce that I have in fact made an actual committment to being more crafty and have enrolled in a Beginners crochet class starting in a few weeks at this wonderful place . It will be my birthday around then so Legoman looking after the kids for three Saturday afternoons in a row while I get to be frivolous and crafty will be the best present a girl could ask for.

My other source of inspiration is this beautiful cardi made by the endlessly talented Kate from here and my dream is to learn enough to be able to make one of these for Liongirl. Hopefully I'm not being overambitious.
I must mention that I'm very excited to have worked out not only how to add a link but also a photo during this one post!  Apologies Kate if this is not the right way to showcase someone elses work/inspiration - is there meant to be text underneath the photo as well?

So now the pressure is on to actually produce some work of my own and follow through on my plans. I kind of like having this sense of responsibility to the blogging world to come up with the goods so to speak. Otherwise I am sure I would just float around dealing with domestic hazards of the day and have nothing to show for it for another year.......


  1. B-girl! Good on you! We must be on the same wavelength because I bought myself a crochet hook a couple of weeks ago with the intention of trying to remember how to crochet (someone taught me ages ago but I can't remember anything!). No crochet classes available here unfortunately so my guess is that the hook will stay in its packaging for another few years. My aim was to learn to do those simple, simple multicoloured patches/flowers. Little ones. And then join them all together into a super-warm and huge blanket-scarf to insulate me against the BIG FREEZE that is LV for 6 months of the year... Maybe once you knock off the cardi you could start on the patches for me???? Good luck, and congrats on your creativity resolution, may it stand firm in the psyche of you and your babysitter/hubbie! M

  2. Hello! Thanks for the link and I'm ever so happy to be part of your crochet inspiration. Some people are funny about their photos being used but I think as long as there is a link and an a photo credit then its all great.
    I also think you'll be good enough with a hook to knock of one of those cardis in no time. Really! They are great, easy to follow instructions and I had just learnt to crochet not long before I made that one.
    Have fun.

  3. oh the ever inspiring Kate - she was the first to introduce me to this cardie pattern. It is easy peasy, you must give it a try! Here is the link to the one I made for the little Miss
    Glad you like the pincushion, does your sewing machine have a home now?