Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nuts and Crosses

Well after about five minutes of Spring, it appears Summer arrived today. Clear blue skies, hot sun and plenty of time amusing ourselves in the backyard. I love it when you supply the kids with a few basics and they get some kind of creative momentum and the art just evolves.

We started out doing this. Look at the little weasel suggesting where I put my next nought.

Plenty of room on the random 70's slab for everyone and shaded all day by our macadamia nut tree.  Liongirl on scrub duty, Legoman cracking the nuts and Roboboy providing the crosses.

Then in miss Liongirl's opinion we needed a bit of this.

Which then prompted a bit of this. Amazing how vibrant the colours are with wet chalk.

Which then inspired Roboboy to release an exclusive print run of chalk lithographs.

Sun + concrete slab + chalk + water + paper = about 2 hours of very happy, creative children. A perfect start to the  school holidays really.

Additional note : chalk lithography appears to have limited durability as when they dry most of the chalk flakes off, but we didn't seem to mind about that. We are a little more concerned about the fact that it was 29 degrees on only the 17th day of Spring.


  1. It doesn't sound too good for a mild summer does it? Love the Qld nut cracking antics - reminds me of my childhood when we used to do the same thing. We used to use a hammer to crack open the nuts and then we upgraded to an old vice which worked brilliantly.xx

  2. We are in the same brain. My son took a Macadamia nut for show and tell recently. It was a big hit - and we had hours of chalk drawing yesterday. Your random concrete is versatile, and so handy being in the shade. I'm enjoying the warm weather. Getting into practice for Darwin.

  3. Ours scavenge nuts in a local park then come home and crack away. I love your printmaking atelier- genius!

  4. Agh! So cute! A wonderful way to enjoy an unseasonably warm spring day. But boy I'm glad winter's over...