Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thrifted pretties

I had a wonderful time at a few op shops this week. Went exploring a few suburbs I have never opped in before and found some treasures. The pink jug was $5, loved the colour and the shape. The milk glass was $1 and the teeny tiny tea cup and saucer was $2. I am hoping to find a collection of these to make a mismatched tea set for Liongirl who is completely smitten with tea parties. The lady in the opshop told me when she was a girl her grandmother would give her one of these tea cup sets at every birthday, and all her friends were collecting them too.

The pink fabric is actually a dress that I found a while ago that I plan to cut up for Liongirl, when she first saw it she practically ran up and gave it a cuddle she was so excited about its pinkness. I really like the yellow and pink together. Despite leaving my bag of opshop donations at home, I found some lovely finds.

This tablcloth and teatowels had only come in that very day. I think I have the same one with blue flowers but the orange and pink is gorgeous.

And this 70's inspired wonder.

And this one is for Roboboy, he loves yellow and maps.

And some teeny tiny wooden blocks. I am a complete sucker for colourful wooden toys. I did restrain myself and leave behind the wooden trainset complete with wooden peg people.

And the best thing of the entire day was an amazing vintage bag which I will share with you tomorrow as it is still on the washing line. Along with some more teatowels and vintage sheets. Linking in with Sophie to share all the  thrifted loveliness. All this plus massive progress in the setting up of my sewing room. Can you believe it's only day 2 of the holidays?


  1. You did really well. I bought a tiny jug very similar to yours (gorgeous colour). I wonder if they are the same maker.

  2. Good hunting there. The jug is a lovely colour and you did very well to walk away from the train set. I need to develop that habit better.

  3. wonderful milk glass vase! so cute!

  4. What a great lot of tea towels!

    I especially love the 70s one, and the wooden blocks are stupendous.

    That's a very sweet idea about a tea cup and saucer per birthday. I'm an advocate of that sort of thinking.

    Good tidings.

  5. Great finds. I always love to check out you thrifting, we have similar tastes. LOVE pink and yellow too.. beautiful fabric and love the pink/yellow cloth too.

  6. orange and pink IS gorgeous, lovely finds mel. love a bit of milk glass and i too, love the shape of that jug. i love finding new oppies. xx

  7. Hello again. I was anonymous before. I just remembered we opted a lot of pretty cups and saucers for my 7 year old girl's the party birthday and each girl took theirs home with them I think we initialed them with clear nail polish and glitter. It also entailed spontaneous tea leaf reading for each girl which was a hoot!

  8. What a successful week you had in the op-shops.
    All the pinkness is lovely. x

  9. Nice scores at the oppy, glad to see Liongirl has refined taste in vintage fabric. Love the jug and the tea towels!


  10. While all your finds in the first photo are really pretty, it's the lovely old glass in the door(?) behind that catches my eye. Beautiful.