Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hide and seek

It was Legomans's birthday the other day so we thought that was a good excuse to get out and about for a family picnic. The Mt Cootha Botanical gardens had the most spectacular display of cannas and of course we had to get up close and really explore. The looked like rows of lollipops all standing on end, red, yellow, orange and peach. And just look at this vibrant Jacaranda in bloom. Betsy has three in her garden but none of ours are looking quite this spectacular. Liongirl was given these clear plastic shoes by a relative, of course because I loathe them, they are her favourite and her best.

The Upside down pear cake did not last long, this was about 2 minutes in.

Meanwhile I was coveting my MIL's thermos that is about the same vintage as me.

And Roboboy was singing into his agapanthus microphone " I've got the moves like Dada" while doing some sort of funky bottom wiggle. (He thinks his version is better than the original "moves like Jagger").

And check out this rainbow chard, in yellow, red and pink.

And these gingers, almost resin like, but real.

And look what came home from the oppie with me this week. A vintage Australian animal themed eiderdown that can be zipped up into a sleeping bag.

I just love all the colours, and the animals of course.


  1. oh your children are so adorable....look at how beautiful your part of the world is all green and happy!

  2. Happy bday legoman. Did u get some lego? Great picnic, love that subtropical vegetation! And i wish that eiderdown were mine. So much use for it over here...

  3. Love the aggie microphone... must tell my girls that one as ours are starting to pop. Your posts (and comments) always bring a smile! gxo

  4. The Lizard Gardens (as my kids call them) are always a treat. Looks like the roadworks haven't caused too much damage. Those old eiderdowns last forever. I still have a twin set of them from my brothers.

  5. What a gorgeous day out! Those cannas are huge!

  6. Happy birthday to the legoman. You guys are always out and about. Laughed about the new favourite shoes and the agapanthus microphone. Your kids are funny. xx

  7. I haven't been to the botanical gardens for ages, at least 3 years. May have to rectify that!

    That cake looks delicious. Yum.

  8. Happy birthday legoman. I do love his microphone singing, very cool indeed :) And I can understand why the cake went so quickly, it looks very yummy indeed. xo

  9. Looks like you had a fantastic day, great photos. Love the Australian animals and that thermos is HUGE!! Sherry :)