Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A new camera really helps

I love taking photos. I really love capturing moments with my kids, especially out and about in nature. My old dinky camera had an upgrade before this holiday and boy does the new girl rock. Makes such a difference when your kids are fast and difficult to photograph. I would love to say that this one was all skill but no, pure luck as I'm still learning how to use my new girl to her best potential.

Love a little ring a ring a rosie, running around and around with your cousin and her matching set of fairy wings.

Or some wildflowers in front of an old watertank.

Or heck, even the rusty old tank will do. Unfortunately, while very artistic, it was also leaking and about to be replaced with a new one.

I don't have a macro lens yet, but gosh it's my birthday in a few months. Pear tree blossom.

No vintage sheet close up yet as work got in the way today. How about the coolest geocache hidey hole ever instead?

Where o where would you hide a cache within this stone wall outside the Warragul police station? In one of those crevices perhaps? Too obvious? What about that there triangle shaped rock in the middle?

As long as you feel comfortable disassembling the police station wall, look at that teeny tiny cache glued onto a rock. All I can say is that the nerds in Warragul are seriously dedicated. Perhaps they are also responsible for the superior op shop brochures as well. Legoman and I have a fantastic system going at the moment whereby I op shop and he finds the closest geocache to the op shop. Win win all round really. See you tomorrow.


  1. My camera mania just turned up the other day and, having never read it, I am now inspired to have a look. We ha yet to return last year's accidentally pilfered Bribie geocache. It will be done!

  2. That was 'camera manual' but 'camera mania' may well be a Freudian slip.

  3. What sort of camera did you get I want a better one too.

  4. Nelly- everyone I talked to about dslr suggested a canon, so I got the entry level one via an online company called kogan.com.au who import directly from hong kong at about half the prices here. Your dresses would look even more fantastic, you would not regret it, the best thing is getting great colour and clarity in low light without a flash.

  5. Great pics. I bought a 'Dummies guide' for my DSLR but I have only got through about 5 pages. It's on my to do list. lol