Friday, December 23, 2011

A little gift of sunshine

I really did not intend to go near an op shop today. But since the presents are all sorted and the tree is decorated, how could I not? This little pile of included the sunshine yellow pyrex, two pillowcases and a sheet all for $8.

I'm quite liking the simplicity of the dead stick tree. While I'm not normally one for specific New Years resolutions, I will say that that terrible two tone custard/undercoat wall will be GONE by next Christmas.

Now, for other goings on that should have been posted weeks ago.

This little cushion is the finished product of the recent frenzied midnight sewing session. I have been wanting  a pile of colourful cushions on my lounge for the longest time but was waiting for fabric inspiration to strike. Despite my inability to cut or sew in  a straight line, I think it turned out quite ok (just don't get out one of those rulers that tells you if things are square).

I really loved that floral tablecloth fabric and it was easy to chop into as large parts of it were too stained to use. The St George teatowel seemed to have just the colours that I needed. The insert was a $3 cushion from Ikea. Here is the other side. I'm itching to make more now.

On the garden front, here is our completed raised bed full of vege seedlings. We are amazed to be able to report that the pegged down bird netting does indeed appear to be possum proof.

Unforunately the herbs did not fare so well on account of these free loaders living in our carport roof. That's the mother on the right and the baby kicking back on the left. With the amount of noise my rabble make getting in and out of the car these possums must be seriously sleep deprived. Perhaps that is why in just one night they decimated both the dill and the continental parsley. We have applied chicken wire now and will see what bounces back.

And what about that proof we found that Christmas is just about upon us? Well we were down at the park collecting seedpods when we stumbled on a little tree covered in these Christmas jewels. I haven't seen Christmas beetles since I was at school, did I just forget to look all these years? It's times like this that I am reminded that having children makes us slow down and notice all those little details that get lost in our big busy rushed adult lives.

And that is really the best gift a mother could ask for.

Only three more sleeps.


  1. Your Christmas tree is absolutely beautiful Mel, and as for the Christmas beetles they are glorious and gorgeous. Childhood memories for me too. I found a dead one with the kids I teach last week (it had lost most of it's colour and shine) and even that made me feel nostalgic. The kiddos didn't get what I was carrying on about.
    Lovely cushions too, well done x

  2. That cushion is a corker! I'm almost ready to cut into something now! It reminded me of that old board game Squatter. Three sleeps, h'ray!

  3. Those beetles are so shiny and cute ... but don't they ponk?

    Your sewing and choice of fabrics is inspired, and I always marvel at your Op Shop scores! Congratulations, the couch will look very funky, Mel.

  4. Meryy christmas to you and your gorgeous family Mel.

    I absolutely love your tree and your cushions! this is what I have been hoping to do too! Why is it so hard to cut straight?? Love your fabrics.

    happy days

  5. Love your cushions and the oppy scores.Sewing cushions for the lounge is on the to-do list..can't sew a straight line either.The tree is looking fab but Robo boy's castle is fantastic,love it!

  6. Yeah! I'm loving all of it. The dead stick tree, its two-tone backdrop (imagine how boring it would be if it was all white!!!), the pic of your kids embracing, and LOOK AT THEM THERE BEETLES! Pity you couldn't hang some of them on your tree :)

  7. We have the same issue of custard walls in a few rooms in the house. Next year we'll get to them.

    I hope you have a nice Christmas, Mel. xx

  8. I love your dead stick tree, also love your fabrics...
    Have a Happy Christmas. Be back for a catch up in 2012
    Karen :)

  9. My kids are in awe of you beautiful bugs.....I'm late Have a blessed Happy New Year!!!!

  10. I love your Christmas tree, I've got to try one of these this Christmas. Oh possums..... I'm glad you've been able to save your plants this time, gee they are cute but a bit pesky. We had another one in the roof but I think the hole is sealed this time but I'm crossing my fingers. xx