Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Hijinks

Well we seem to be settling into our school holiday groove. While I was looking forward to 6 weeks without clock watching, I was more than a little worried how my kidlets were going to go spending all day together. So far there have been some moments of pure joy like this one,  kicking back on the home made- lets- destroy- the- lounge and make a fort. Must check for pirates.

Yikes, I think I see some. What are they doing to those babies?

Now that is just a tad concerning. Surely they are not going to eat them without sauce.

Aaargh I see, lets have a duel then shall we. With that oldest Menace brother neighbour popping over, there is never a dull moment. See even his budgie Buddy is happy to get into the pirate theme and do the parrot on shoulder thing.

Since we've got all day, lets make a whole rainbow of playdoh colours.

Buddy was a little threatened by his playdoh replica and proceeded to try and pick off his embellishments.

While Liongirl napped, Roboboy worked on the architectural plans for his house. He likes to talk out loud to himself to problem solve what else he needs. There was a long dialogue about where to put his best friend for a sleepover. Should it be on the top of the 4 story bunk bed or perhaps they could share a bed. Could boys actually get married? His poor best friend is a little stressed as Roboboy had written  him a note about getting married and the best friend really just wants to marry a girl in their class. Best friends mother stepped in and pointed out that "marry" was not actually spelt  " Maree" and therefore Roboboy must have been meaning something else entirely. Phew, crisis averted. The bachelor pad appears to have  a sustainable vege garden, bowling alley,waterslide, aeroplane runway and elevator shaft running through the middle.

Ok plans are done, lets knock up a quick castle.

Parents won't agree to an i phone? Just whip your own up. Complete with i pad and docking pod to charge the phone up.

And if things are getting a little dull, there is always a Tupperware container cupboard to sort and tidy. We need some more space for the pyrex.

And finally with a mere 5 days to go, we popped down to our local park to find a dead stick to drag home.  Yes that corner of the lounge room is still half undercoat half custard. Resolutions will be made shortly.

We also found PROOF that Christmas is imminent. Stay posted for photographic evidence and other festivities.


  1. We had a tree like that for many years and we have the same boy sheets. In fact those menaces could almost be my boys jumping a few more fences than I am aware of! Deb nearly had a stick just like you too!

  2. Looks like your mob are having loads of fun... Love the bachelor pad - your boy is so clever!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!


  3. I love the lino on your kitchen floor and this post was lovely too. I think Roboboy's i phone is ingenious.

  4. I love the pic with the couch cushions, it made me laugh as it is very familiar. This happens at my house EVERY day, usually when Wipeout is on TV. Master M thinks he is on the show. LOL. Looks like you kidslets are having lots of constructive fun. Sherry :)

  5. Mel, your little guys plans and drawings are brilliant. Clever boy! Looks like much fun is being had at your place.

  6. I love seeing what wonderful things your kiddos get up to, such fantastic imaginations working overtime in your place. That bachelor pad is too cool too. I hope all of you are going well and the week before Christmas isn't too hectic. xx

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  8. Ooooh I LOVE this post! Every pic is so sweet. I love the one of buddy! Such a busy happy family.

  9. Love those wooden blocks what a great set - and robot boys intrricate design are v v similar to a series Gus did a while ago of cities and buildings they were everywhere for a few weeks on every scrap of paper and in chalk on the path outside over and over again until he must have got bored of them or got them out of his system and moved on. Fascinating to watch, and to marvel in the detail - especially as about a month before could not or would not draw