Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pav-tastic milk glass moment

Remember a while back my mother- in- law mentioned that she might possibly have some sort of milk glass dish stashed in her cupboard? Well holy cow, look what she ferreted out and brought over recently. No, not the pavlova, that's my creation.

The absolutely perfect Fenton milk glass cake stand. I think I almost wept on the spot. It is sublimely beautiful, every little hobnail and frill is a delight. I had been waiting to cook something impressive in order to show off it's best features and thought I also needed to redeem myself with respect to recent pavlova efforts. This is a triple tier pavlova magic mountain special that I made for my mother-in - law's birthday. I think she was a little stunned by the absolute pavtasticness of this creation but was more than a little chuffed that her milk glass cake stand was making such a spectacular debut.

I made three pavs and was attempting a wedding cake tiered shape but pavs are obviously not that well behaved and once creamed it sort of looked more like a hat. A few more adornments and well, more like a mountain.

Yes, there was a small implosion of the ground level. Still, once covered in all the yummies, it transformed into the magic mountain special.

So easy to whip up a few meringue kisses with the leftover mixture. I didn't even pipe these, just twirled them with a spoon. My mother-in-law took the whole top layer home and we all ate the bottom two layers. The cake stand is mine to keep, never again will I raise an eyebrow over MIL's hoarding tendencies.

Other than scoffing down pavlova the start of the new year has left me reflecting on my resolutions for 2011. My three broad goals were gratitude, organization and creativity and I feel that I did make a good start on all three.

My more specific achievements are much less impressive than I had hoped. Progress on Betsy was painfully slow and frequently hampered by indecision. I'm too embarrassed to be more specific than that. On a positive note, before the year was out I did manage to start a vegie garden, plant 2 trees and 3 rose bushes, have my own chickens (until they were foxed a few months ago), pull out a sewing machine that had never been out of the box and start sewing, learn to crochet, start a sewing group, upgrade to a digital camera, start a milk glass collection, make two installations for the prep classroom  and find the best vintage sheet stash on holidays in rural Victoria. Oh, yes and I did start a little blog.

And now I'm plotting something to build on this year of progress, something big, and wishfully grand and a little scary. A project of sorts, a commitment of both time and thoughts. Want some clues?

Back soon with the whole story. Hoping someone else might be inspired to come along for the ride........


  1. I am not a huge fan of milk glass (more into coloured Depression) but that is a beauty!

  2. I like that word, fits your beautiful pav to a tee.
    I like those pretty note books too...I'm intrigued...what are you up to?

  3. I wish I had a MIL who gave me beautiful milk glass surprises instead of pains in my extremities. The cake stand is stunning but I am very impressed with what was on the cake stand!♥

  4. you need a pen friend??? Are you starting a wallpaper notebook factory? Dying to know. I will be "in" on either of the two above guesses, if I got them right.
    Your pavlova looks too amazing for words. I miss you, Mel :)
    Happy new year to all of youse!!! Wouldn't it be great to meet up in 2012? Love, Mook

  5. How intriguing! Writing a book? Opening an easy shop? Building an extension out of hand made mud bricks? We'll look forward to the big reveal. I'm with you on the pain of slow renovations but the pav is simply spectaculous!

  6. Wow - love that dish and the pavlova looks delicious!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Yes, what are you up to? Is that an address book?

    Mooks idea of old-fashioned pen-pals is a good one. I've always wanted nice personalised stationery (but I digress).

    Your pavlova is one of the best I've ever seen. Your MIL is lucky her son found you!!

    Milk glass tray looks happy too!

  8. OMG Mel, I have had my eye on that exact piece in the Salvos, it's in the glass cabinet which of course means a hefty price tag. At $95 I could just not justify it as I already have 3 cake stands, but none as beautiful as this. I would say you are one very lucky girl indeed. I'd also be snooping in her cupboards next time you visit.

    PS. yourt pav does look pavalicious.....I made my first one too this Christmas.

  9. Thank God for hoarding MILs! It looks great as does the pav. So what's the news? I can't even guess what it would be...xx

  10. I agree with the first poster that milk glass is usually not my thing, but that cake stand is fabulous, I would definitely have gone for it!!! The pav looks fab on it too.

    Love the notebooks also!

  11. My oh my what a beautiful milk glass plate to get from your mother in law, it's gorgeous Mel. I'm very curious as to what you're up too with all those pretty notebooks I'll be visiting again so to see what. xx

  12. The most beautiful piece of milkglass I've seen. Lucky, lucky you!

  13. I love that milk glass cake stand, its amazing....after church we were asked to stop by this widowed member of our church and when we entered I immediately saw an entire cupboard filled with milk glass from glasses to dishes and serving pieces with 2 cake stands....I just about died....I have never seen so many pieces.
    I'm definitely along for the ride!!

  14. What a beautiful piece of glass,love the pav,had a colapse of my own too (in too much of a hurry).Glad you have a lovely MIL as well.Belated Happy New Year.