Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday finds, the Oppie way

I found this lovely dish just before my birthday. Seems too nice for snacks, maybe I can get Roboboy to help me colour sort my buttons into different sections.

Once I get him off here perhaps.

It has been really hot, wet and muggy here for what seems like weeks. We are cooling off with trampoline hose downs in between bursts of weeding, pruning and mowing.

I managed to weed out this whole bed and thus justify popping in some new flowers. Some dahlias and salvias and verbenas, a dash of colour next to my glorious Double Delight rose.

Legoman has a new toy. Extremely long long pruning thing-a-me-what-sit. We have a LOT of tall trees that have needed taking care of so the yard is now littered with prunings. It has also given him a reason to be up prowling on Betsy's roof, trimming overhead branches while pondering the complexities of several different roof lines. We need  a new deck with a roof and working out how to link it in is proving tricky.

I might just sit and ponder that Salvos special I was telling you about. You know, the birthday present my boys brought home in the trailer. Well it's all clean now, just waiting to be stocked up with vintage sheets and pyrex. I'm not sure about the colour but look at those curved ends, glass doors and lovely original grey laminate bench.

I am still in shock that it was not only in my local oppie, but also it was a red spot special - 25% off! I'm contemplating a new colour, and maybe some wallpaper features behind the glass doors. So many projects, so little free time......


  1. Wow, your birthday present is perfect. Just a great size, not too big. I can see it now with lots of colourful treasures in it.

  2. My mind is exploding thinking of all the decorating possibilities with this new treasure.....its incredible!

    Happy Birthday Momma....look at your other two little treasures they are so cute!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the cabinet and the little dish. What colour is the cabinet? It looks like a really pale grey but maybe white??

    Take care.

  4. HaPpY BiRtHdAy! Sooooooo jealous of your cabinet! Cant wait to see what you do with it :-)

  5. If Legoman's anything like my husband, once he starts pruning he can't stop. I've got to watch him like a hawk or there'd be nothing left in our garden!
    As to your lovely kitchenette when it's full of your pretty bits I'm sure it will have all the colour it needs.
    The fragrance of Double Delight is heavenly, one flower is enough to fill a room with the loveliest smell.
    And lastly, Happy Birthday Mel, here's to a great year x

  6. Oh I wish that it was my birthday! That cabinet is fantastic! Have fun filling it!

  7. When Legoman has finished....

    Love the birthday present. Absolutely find some vintage wallpaper, that would look fabulous.

  8. umm excuse me, hello best cabinet EVER! Dude, what a score... you know what colour i'd paint it don't you? And wallpaper sounds lovely.

    Also, i've been paying more attention to what Zeph is eating and you know, i think its watermelon that send him over the edge. It's the one food that i can see a direct link to. Your wisdom here has been so beneficial!

    xo em

  9. Rachael here from "Rachael's Extremely Eventually..." Love the garden bed. So pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with the kitchen unit!
    I've made some new posts onmy blog. Check them out if you get a chance. Things are cracking now!

  10. Look at your two having a blast hopping around, I love the way little ones just have the best time with the simplest of things:)

    Your garden is looking very pretty and neat indeed, maybe you can come round and visit me we keep missing those pockets of sunshine and the grass is oh so long bring on some more of that sunshine. xx

  11. Oh love your cabinet! Some years ago I painted up one of those little old "gentleman's wardrobes" to put my fabric and things in and its about to run out of room, one of these old kitchen cabinets would be right up my alley but I don't think I have the room for it sadly :(.
    BTW, have you considered linking your email address to your comments so that I can reply to you, you always leave me such nice comments and I can't say thanks! x

  12. love love love it! wallpaper is always a winner!!!! xx

  13. Love your pretty bowl and a very Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you. We have the same prunner I love it! love the curvy cupboard also, I'm sure you'll have it looking so lovely by the time we next see it.