Monday, May 14, 2012

Best little mama

Yep, that's me. Actually the complete version is " best little mama in the world". Roboboy came up with this one a few years ago. It gets trotted out at odd random times when he is full of love, perhaps if he has been treated with extra TV, sausages, or other favoured goodies. I think on mother's day it was just the love part. Liongirl on the other hand has taken to calling me Mama Pama.( I think perhaps it in direct response to me spending the last few months calling her Minxy Pinxy).

 Now, back to that Cath Kidston piece of wonderful featured above .My official gift courtesy of Legoman who is, I suspect,aware that compensating for his 364 sleep ins a year requires at least a handbag. Actually, make that 365 sleep ins, as after dealing with the marauding  possum, the neurotic cat and the very cold small child at 5.15 am, I was well and truly awake anyway.

Aside from cold toe cuddles and cups of tea in bed, the best part of mother's day would have to be the homemade gifts. Liongirl dutifully trotted off and came back with her finest art work yet. Mama Pama and Minxy Pinxy holding hands. See we both have matching shoes on too. Footwear obviously being more important than noses. Portraits are highly regarded in this house as Roboboy rarely produces people, instead    turning his hand to ant farms, volcanos, heavy machinery and the like.

And Roboboy? Well he and Nonna had been cooking up these babies for months. She had trouble getting him the right mood to finish them with required paints and glazes after the initial firing. Needless to say, these have gone straight to the only spare horizontal surface in the house.

We have from left to right : Bird on a nest of eggs, self portrait, trinket box - the lid has a flower on it and Mama bird.

So what with all that joy and a delicious brunch at a local cafe while the sun shone down from a blue blue sky, it's great to be the best little mama in the world.


  1. You were treated like a your new bag and these clay creations are so sweet!

  2. Love the ceramics! The homemade gifts and cards are the best. Although the handbag is very nice too!! xx

  3. so much love. just gorgeous! i totally get what my mama always said about homemade being best!!

    sounds like you had an awesome day!

    Kel x

  4. No such thing as a total day off for a mum is there? Looks like it was lovely though.Have folders full of body-less drawings from my kids, how funny they look the same.

  5. That Cath Kidston bag is gorgeous!! But not to compare to the artistic efforts of your family .. they are truly precious. Love those glazes ...

  6. Handmade gifts, a peck of kath kids ton and gorgeous kids and sun...this year could only be the best little mothers' day!

  7. looks like you had a gorgeous day mel. simple pleasures and handmade treasures!
    PS love your birdie bag too.