Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birdmaking and crochet flowers

Well it has been a while between posts but for lots of really good reasons. There are about a zillion projects on the go over here at Betsy's which have left little time for blogging (as it should be of course). There has been a frenzy of bird creations, crochet, yarnbombing, sculptures, de cluttering, house plan tweaking, kitchen design planning, stone slab inspections, white wall painting, miniature dresser makeovers and of course a sprinkling of op shopping.

It all started with some seed pods really. From the Illawarra flame tree in fact, which is an extremely ugly looking tree that produces spectacular seed pods that look just like birds.

So the kids got straight into this little project with some paint for the bodies, polyfill for the chests, pipe cleaners for the legs, fabric and bendy straws for wings, colourful feathers for tails and some googly eyes and look at the results.

Roboboy's bird has bendable wings (thanks to the straws) and the cat was suitably impressed.

So then we took our birdmaking to school to expand the flock. Love those one eyed birds.

And seeing how the fete was coming up we thought we might be able to contribute an installation. Time to whip up a perch for our little family. (This actually involved much cursing and swearing at midnight the night before the fete trying to teach these little birds how to defy gravity and stop flipping upside down and dangling off the perch). It was so big I had to hang it off the fan, and keep the cat away.

And some gorgeous crochet flowers to add a little colour on the bottom. The lovely simple pattern can be found here. I think I might make a whole chain of these for miss Liongirl's room.

And here is the installation hanging our school's very own Magic Faraway tree.

Back soon with some op shop finds and my first foray into yarnbombing. Must say, I'm hooked!


  1. I just finished drooling over your thrifting post......super jealous!!!
    your kids are so creative, this is fabulous!!!

  2. Those birdies are so cute. I love the creativity.

  3. I LOVE that! Every school needs a magic faraway tree. Clever you x

  4. Great birdies,Bella must have been so distracted.Sounds like busy times.

  5. I love those birds! And the fact that you invented them. And the fact that you are the kind of cool mum that takes your invented crafts to school! And the fact that your school is into that kind of thing... AND that faraway tree! Thats a lot of ands!

  6. How very creative of your kiddies. It just looks amazing and will be sure to brighten any room with it's charm. We don't see those trees around here. I'm presuming they don't like the cold.

  7. oh this is so clever and creative!! i want a tree like that in my backyard! haha!

    Kel x

  8. I love it! I can't believe how productive you are!

  9. What a gorgeous mobile and use of natural materials! Thanks for the inspiration :)
    PS. What a magical Faraway tree too :)

  10. Thats one great looking bird mobile!!