Monday, January 20, 2014


a portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2014 via Practising simplicity

He : stumbled onto Legoman's old stash of Yowie figurines, oh the joy of searching and sorting.

She : is adventure-girl about to leap out of trees with a very dodgy rope arrangement. She had only just taken off the pink vinyl handbag which was obviously hampering her style.


  1. Hey, and there you were again!! Great to see you twice in one day!! xx

  2. Love his organisation skills, I do that with the boys toys all the time.....lining them up. Your girl has the cheekiest smile xo

  3. I also appreciate Roboboy's organisational tendencies.

    Can you tell us about your deck chairs? They look rather cool.

    1. The chairs were a bargain on ebay ( would prefer original casala chairs but hard to scratch up eight of those old dears). Have no idea if they are a brand or a replica of something else but they do the job, will show proper pics when the deck is finished. mel x

  4. My son is always making himself rope harnesses and abseillling out of trees - Bear Grylls style - luckily he has learned how to tie good knots through cubs/scouts. I still hold my breath until he is on the ground though.

  5. I love their definitely different personalities…and how they each individually shine through in their portraits.

  6. Such sorting abilities, and such fashion sense! Brilliant!