Monday, February 10, 2014


a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014 inspired by Jodi

He : accessorising with a skink ( as you do) . This one came to visit with the Menace brothers but my boy has been known to spend an afternoon upside down inside our compost bin making pets out of the skinks who live there. I plan to refer back to this photo when thoughts of boarding school resurface. 

She : Showing me her stick on earrings that were a must on a trip for Yum Cha. Due to food issues we eat out infrequently, hence the need to frock up.


  1. Your boy is a brave on, love how little ones enjoy nature so much. Ooo I just loved my stick on earrings as a little girl too, very special indeed frocking up for lunch:)x

  2. I remember stick on earring…I loved them!
    I am not so sure about accessorising with a skink though!

  3. I miss the Menace Brothers having had a few of them myself! They loved making up big tanks of sand with twig trees and ponds for all the yard lizards. Sadly they have now morphed themselves into lounge lizards.

  4. I loved stick on earrings as a child. My sister and I would stick as many on our ears as possible. Love the Lego t-shirt, where did you find that! Tom would love it. xo

  5. Great photos, glad there are no skinks being worn around here!
    (do you know why your sidebar shakes? Is it just my computer?)

  6. I always love my visits to your home....take care, Heidi
    Will be back in the blog world soon!