Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day Magic

My mothers day was pretty magical this year. My kids have reached what appears to be the best ages for producing copious amounts of home made cards and goodies. They started with these flowers from our local flower market, never before have I seen these two-tone gerberas that Roboboy chose for me.

They followed up with a positive bounty of home made goodness. There were cards,

(it seems I have been upgraded from "best little mama in the world")

breakfast in bed ( the handmade variety), followed up by a real buttery croissant and cup of tea,

artwork from school,

and even some time playing with watercolours together on the day.

My mum and I even popped out to a gorgeous art exhibition at the Botanical gardens, this is the card mum bought me from the artist Nadine Sawyer,

and a lovely much wanted gift from Legoman and the kids, handmade by  Betty Jo at Lino Forest.  I couldn't choose between the sewing machine and the budgie brooch, how lucky that she was having a 2 for 1 Mothers Day sale. She makes these intricate brooches from salvaged linoleum.

All in all, probably the most colourful, love filled Mother's Day I have ever had. (This would be Liongirl's painting from kindy of our new house and Roboboy and I worked on that gerbera painting together).


  1. Ohh, so much goodness here. Especially loving all of the wonderful Art work. xo

  2. Oh, bless - how adorable. That artwork is something else! You must have a hard time deciding what to put up on your walls. I have a very similar drawing of our "new house" that Jack created some time ago. xx

  3. How wonderful - I particularly like the home made breakfast! Jane x

  4. your stories, photos and beautiful children make me want to be a mother. xx

  5. how special! all that colourful love being showered onto you this mothers day. those gerbies are wonderful...ive never seen the two tones before either....must hunt some down. happy belated mothers day mel x

  6. I think I like your painting of the gerberas even better than the real is lovely.

    Toddler C made me a piggy bank...which just means that he is asking me for money already!
    Daddy R did also teach him to say, "I love Mommy for SURE" which just about made my year. So cute!

    I am glad that you were spoiled with homemade goodness! Happy belated Mother's Day!

  7. Oh the paper food is gorgeous. Looks like you hada lovely day Mel.

  8. Lovely! What talented kids, and they obviously love you so very much. But the biggest well done goes to your hubby - behind any happy, well-organised mother's day there lurks an attentive and loving husband, I reckon. Bless him.

    And those brooches are gorgeous. x