Monday, June 24, 2013

A shiny new roof - Reno day 45

So it has been a busy week with a lot  happening and not enough spare time to blog about it all. So this is where we were at a week ago. With a predicted  weather forecast of (finally) four sunny days and a rainy Friday for the week ahead. The roofers arrived with a deadline to get the bulk of the work done by Thursday, and they just scraped in before the rain plummeted down again. Aside from a whole lot more mess lying around,

they did also create this glorious expanse of silver sparkling in the sunshine. This was the new deck gable,

but we also had the old roof at the front of the house replaced. And of course this necessitated a decision from me about the gutter colour. Which I of course had not even allocated a nano particle of time to considering, and could I advise by tomorrow? Hmmm. (I'll share the outcome next post).

Meanwhile, while the roofers worked on top, the builders worked below to line the deck ceiling.

Suddenly, some balustrade appeared on the back landing,

And the old kitchen wall finally came down,  allowing a true sense of the space for the new kitchen.

The white vinyl floor indicates the old bedroom, the boards to the right (in the pic below)  show the position of the old (tiny) kitchen.

It's hard to see all the progress for all the scaffolding. When it all comes down, some time this week, I will able to properly share the absolute wonder that is the new deck.

And lastly, time for a now you see it.

Now you don't.

New front stairs coming soon. Can't wait to share the new improved version.

Thank you for all the enthusiastic comments on my last post. It is quite fun to know that so many fellow reno enthusiasts are following along and sharing my excitement at finding those long awaited doors.


  1. It's all really starting to come together!

  2. Just imagine how excited we will be when you get to the interior!!!! :) x

  3. gosh all that wont know yourself!! x

  4. You'll be living on that deck. It's all looking so good. xx

  5. The deck will be ready for summer and plenty of hours of enjoyment! Looking good. ;-)

  6. Yes, we've had some beautiful, sunshiny Winter days - just perfect for doing the roof (thank goodness - I was starting to get worried.) You'll be at lock-up stage before you know it. Looking forward to seeing your new and improved front stairs - ours came down yesterday. xx

  7. Wow! It looks amazing already! Thanks for sharing your exciting journey!! It must be wonderful to watch it all finally come together after all of your plans!! xx

  8. Ohh your sweet little bay window! Can't wait to see your new steps.

  9. It looks practically done!
    It is going to be wonderful!

  10. Woohoo! It's all happening at your place! I love this stage when it all goes so fast and you get to see the new spaces take form.
    If only the finishing was as fast! Love your new doors in the last post, will be gorgeous. Hoping lots of sunshine in the next weeks for you!

  11. I'm loving your reno updates. It's exciting to see the changes and watch it all slowly happen, even though it's not mine. xx

  12. ok, cant spell, lets try again...nice roof lady!

  13. Your house is slowly getting into shape! Just hope that no rain will fall down in the coming days for faster progress. By the way, what type of roof did you choose to install? Like anyone else here, I'm also excited to see once everything is done. Good luck and enjoy!

    -Muth Roofing

  14. Aside from picking the best roof materials, the color should be considered as well. Will it make the house look better? And about the color to pick for your gutter, the trick is to just match it with the color of your siding. Haha! Your house is looking better and better now. I wish you'd get everything done soon. Good luck!
    Soo @ Willi Roofing Services

  15. What a nice day to work on the roof! This is easier for the roofers for everything is bright; they can work efficiently. Removing the stairs gives your front window a chance to stand out. Don't worry about the mess; it's normal on renos. It'll be worth it after everything is finished!

    Noreen Saint @Town And Country Roofing