Monday, June 10, 2013

We have roof trusses, and lots of rain - Reno Day 31

So, we had a fair bit of sunshine last week which meant that the boys were able to get the roof trusses up for the new gable that is being added to the back of the house. The old skillion roof at the back of the house is no longer.

Here is a  pic of the old lounge room with the sloped skillion roof to the right of the pole, and the infamous laundry in the lounge room on the end wall. Everything to the right of the pole is now pretty much gonski. Except for the floorboards, but they won't be there for much longer either. 

Interestingly, when they removed that ceiling lining, look what was revealed. 

Yep, one of the previous owners of Betsy REALLY loved blue paint. There is every possible shocking tone of this colour on the walls, ceilings and floors now. This is what it looked like in the harsh light of day. I suspect Betsy is breathing a sigh of relief that these lurid undergarments have been flung into the skip.

Not really sure if she is as enthusiastic about going around topless while the rain drips down onto her lovely floorboards. Fingers crossed for the rain to ease up quickly so that the roofers can get to work and restore the dignity of this old girl.

In the meantime, we used the dry parts of the weekend to wander through all the new rooms that have appeared in this last week as the framing has gone up. This is the latest wall and will separate the family/tv room from the deck. There is a big sliding window on the right and an external sliding door on the left.

We tend to check the house most days, it is important to make sure that all is going to plan but also to be sure that the plan is actually what you want to live with for the long haul. We spent a year thinking about these room layouts as we really wanted to avoid any major variations or changes mid build.

Seeing the rooms take shape and being able to walk through them is actually really helpful and if we want to make any changes, now is the time, while the frames are still going up. I had always planned some sort of desk space for the kids in this room and now that we have paced it out we are considering adding a long, low, narrow desk under the window that you can see outlined in the above picture. 

In order for it to work, the sliding door into my sewing room will have to open right to left instead of left to right. Luckily, only the opening is framed up ( left side of above pic) so it should be no big deal to request this simple change now. That will also give me a section of wall behind which I can run a long desk under the window of my sewing room. And so as we pace it out, how we plan to use the space also consolidates into a more definite plan. And gives me an excuse to go furniture shopping, even if it's just in a virtual capacity. 

Back soon, with a new purchase, of the MOST exciting kind. Something I have been searching for, for at least the last two years.


  1. Oh the suspense! What did you purchase?

    It is raining here in NYC we have been doing some serious puddle turns out that puddles are fun no matter what continent you are in!

  2. Fingers crossed that the rain stops and you'll have no more delays!

  3. Oooooh, sewing room! Exciting! It's interesting see Betsy's heart! :) x

  4. it the oven?? the search finally over!! x

  5. This rain has been dreadful. Hope it doesn't delay the renos too much. xx

  6. Wow, it's really taking shape now - exciting!

  7. Where your house is all blue, ours is all green - roof, weatherboards, battens, stairs (even the outside of the clawfoot bathtub didn't escape from a quick swipe of the paint brush.) Well it's all coming together nicely. Isn't it interesting that no matter how much time and thought you put into planning, there are always little changes you want to make once you get on-site. I was hoping that we would avoid any variations, but knowing me there will be. xx

  8. The new roof line will make such a dramatic change from the outside.
    And this newest purchase, what could it be?

  9. The shades of blue are refreshing to the eyes; I guess it's the reason why the previous owner preferred the color. It's really hard to finish construction projects especially when the rain is continuously pouring. It's been months now, and I hope you're done with the roof installation. How's the remodeling now?

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