Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crochet capers

Finally, after what seems like a long hiatus, there is some serious hooking going on over here at Betsy's. And, miracles of miracles, I actually like what I am making.

You see, there has been covert crochet going on for weeks. But, not a single scrap has been finished as I get half way through and realize that I don't like that particular combination of colours, it's just not working for me and I cannot imagine that finished item being displayed anywhere in my house.

The problem being, I am a colour perfectionist. This also explains the multitude of paint sample pots in our carport from both Betsy and our last house. I would photograph the stack of tins but it could be indicative of deeper psychiatric pathology so we'll just leave that for now.

I am loving this cushion cover pattern found in a 1982 Woman's Day Collectors Series pullout booklet. Complete with advertising for Summit Light cigarettes and Pearl Drops tooth whitening polish. And these colours are joyous and light and sing happy to me.

These were my previous attempts that seemed good in theory and then were just not doing it for me when executed.

Too dull and yet kind of fluoro at the same time. Will be unravelled and turned into something else not involving concentric stripes. The colours were chosen to compliment this cushion. Which they kind of did, sort of.

But, I like the new combination so much more. Must get back to it, overwhelming need to complete something.

On a concerning note, I think my children have been reading the blog, or my mind. Both are worrying. A few days ago I posted a little note about wishing I had found my wool basket when my children were small enough to fit inside it.

Liongirl was eyeing it off for about 10 days before being unable to overcome that desire to just hop in.

And there is nothing more motivating to a 5 year old boy than his 2 year old sister beating him to it. Quite impressive really, in an awkward way, must look into contortionist classes.


  1. What are you talking about!!! i love those first ones... good to see you are feeling productive xo

  2. i love alllll of them...stop being so hard on yourself! ps. i googled dairy free whoopie pies and there was a recipe for chocolate ones! woo!

  3. The crochet squares look great. Crocheting is so much fun and nice to do at the moment when it's so cold. I love the photos of your two in the basket, wow it's big all the better to fit more wool in;) Enjoy your crocheting. xo

  4. Very impressed with all your crocheting. Though I do think your latest is my favourite, lightening up the fabric somehow. And how handy are big baskets for carrying any number of things..or little people :)

  5. looking good Mel! The colours are fabulous xx

  6. Love the mustard and orange one,know what you mean about the colour dilemma.The castle was an engineering masterpiece.

  7. Going well with your crocheting. Gorgeous pics of the squids!

  8. Love your kids-in-the-basket shots! I know what you mean about finishing projects... we have about five different gardening jobs on the go and haven't finished any yet. Getting a teensy bit frustrating now! gxo

  9. I am dying to learn how to knit/crochet! These are so pretty!