Friday, July 1, 2011

White walls and Kids creative space

Well, I faced the music involving holidays while sick with sick children and while there was some " Don't say no, no, no, no, no,no, just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ,yeah" there was also a 5 yo bursting into song in the bath  singing " I think I wanna marry you" that made it all ok.

Another white wall finished. Ignore the cream window trim, that's a fiddly job beyond my capabilities right now. Just fuzz your eyes and admire all the other white. Remember how it used to look?

 I moved the kids craft space from in front of our bifold doors, tidied it all up and they were straight there creating. Roboboy intermittently pulls a few glorious masterpieces out of his hat.

The Giraffe. From memory this giraffe had some kind of neck injury hence the head down eating cacti situation.

Night Owl. This one came home from Feng Shui Nonna's ( aka my mother's) house. She has been giving him blank canvases since he was 2.

And that other wall? Well, only undercoat so far but giving me goosebumps already. That was a high as I could reach with a footstool. Remember this was an impromptu febrile child in front of TV paint job.

And the aforementioned sick child with fevers came out of his room wearing this in his ear.

"Mama" he said, " come at look at my cochlear implant". His mate at school has one and not to feel left out he just had to whip up his own. We are all about embracing diversity over at Betsy's. Heck, we wrote the manual on diversity. You'll find us under Q for Quirky.

Roboboy and I had a special treat yesterday. We went and saw Cars 2, just the two of us. We both loved it. Lots of fast racing, explosions and cars with awesome secret agent sexy British accents. Afterwards, we looked at some toy shops and I gave in and bought something on a whim, for no good reason other than pure unadulterated 5 year old boy love. And of course, it has been lovingly taken to bed for the last 2 nights.

Yep, that's the cat on the left and Finn McMissile action vehicle with triple missile launcher on the right.


  1. Hope you all feel better soon.

    We are planning to take our kids to see Cars 2 on the holidays (they start a week later in WA).

  2. quirky is the new black. your family is just charming. feel better soon please! xx

  3. Love the creating space we need on bad!! love the art work and the cochlear implant so cute lol he is ever so cute aslep but arnet they all? lol

  4. What a gorgeous kid, love his artwork. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  5. you have such beautiful children xo

  6. I can't believe how the white window frames are so cream coloured on your new white walls. Your ew walls are so much nicer, Mel! xx

  7. So much here.

    White walls. I love them. Why did people ever paint walls in other colours? Let's erase that crackpot interior design part of history.

    Sick, hot babies are a worry. I'm glad yours are getting better. I hope you frame the giraffe (maybe his cochlear implant was weighing his head down?).

    Cars II - the promise has been made and the male quotient of the house will be seeing it soon. Glad to hear it's amusing.

    And do you have a Burmese Cattus? I'm smitten with him(?). They are wonderful creatures along with Tonkinese and Siamese, unfortunately they make me a bit sneezy.

  8. Looking good Bungalow Girl! I love the cochlear implant too - aren't children marvellous? x

  9. OK, there are just too many funny things going on here! Brilliant.

    I'm loving your painting and i can see that vision. It is going to be great! gemmax

  10. Roboboy is a budding artist for sure!! Totally love the giraffe - and the COLOURS! Does he ever venture into ballpoint pen masterpieces like my dudes?
    Pure unadultared 5 year old boy love - good for you. I've got it for the 6 and 8 yr old versions :)