Sunday, July 31, 2011

Orange and mustardy sunshine Sunday

Two of my favourite colours at the moment turned up this week in my favourite oppy. Gorgeous orange pyrex pie dish and my absolute favourite, a mustard Tupperware container. I think this might be a microwave steamer as it has a little tray in the bottom. It was quite marked and scuffed particularly on the lid but came up looking brand new after a little wipe over with a few drops of this amazing stuff.

It's orange oil, it smells beautiful and it is amazing at taking marks off plastic. I also used it recently to clean all the marks off my white replica Eames dining chairs. You do need to do a small patch test first as with some shiny plastics it can remove the sheen but no problems at all with this Tupperware lid.
And then up on a high shelf a scraggly cardboard box caught my eye. Just seeing the picture on top was exciting.

And then to peek inside and discover that it was all intact, no missing pieces, and a spectacular colour.

Anyone for fondue? I have never had a fondue experience and am debating whether to keep this little set or to rehome it with someone else who loves orange. Just a little tricky to do dairy free fondue as cheese and chocolate are both out.

While we are onto the wondrousness of all things orange, must share Roboboy's new most prized possession. He is almost too big for his walking bike, so a shiny new metallic orange bike with training wheels came just in time.

Nothing better than doing a bit of circle work with your mates. My cautious, careful and sensitive boy.

Always nice on a Sunday afternoon to take your toddler for a brisk walk.

My fearless, feisty, speed loving, gumboot wearing girl. She had just ditched the fairy dress as it kept getting stuck in the wheels. And she plays a mean of tug-of -war.

Happy orange and mustardy sunshine Sunday to you all. Linking in with Sophie and all her flea market finds.


  1. Nothing like a good walk or bike ride on one of those old footpaths. I love the orange theme you have there.. I do think I have the same pie dish and they are great for not only display but baking as well. By the way, I very much enjoyed that last post of yours too xo

  2. Orange you lucky(ha-ha sorry I couldn't help myself!)
    Great finds from the that fondue set.

  3. Yep, yep, uh huh, I love orange too! That fondue set is fantastic.

  4. Great orange finds! I have to admit that I am old enough to know that your tupperware container is for keeping food hot, you put boiling water in the bottom and then the colander dish on top. Think frankfurts, steamed veg etc.

  5. Great Tupperware find and I love the fondue set, my kids would love it with chocolate, but hard when you can't have choc or cheese. :(

  6. That fodue set is very cool. You can use it with oil and do pieces of chicken or strips of beef. xx

  7. Cute pics of the kids. :) Is dairy free for the children? Could you save the fondue set for the adults in the family? Could be fun..;) lol It's in great condition! Love the Pyrex orange. Have you checked out The Pyrex Collective, I am starting to get a bit addicted to Pyrex (mainly mixing bowls).

  8. orange does make me long for autumn... mhmmmm.

  9. Keep fab fondue set. Try fondue bourguignon: cubed beef to dip in sizzling aromatic oil. Serve with lots of little dips/sauces. Tres 1970s. Orange oil great for removing sticky labels. Also great for art work with old Readers Digest pages.

  10. My mum has that exact same pie dish at home:)

    I do love going for walks on a Sunday. It's a really nice way to end a weekend, simple, quite fun.

    Have a great week Mel. xo

  11. Oh that fondue pot!! How fantastic!

  12. I'm to jealous about the orange fondue set.

    I guess you can use dairy free chocolate in it for the kids and yourself. Moo Free is a vegan alternative.

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