Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flowery footstool fancying pirates

Firstly, I wanted to share my fantastic fabric finds from the oppie this week. A bag of vintage off cuts for $5 plus some crochet cotton in the loveliest shade of blue. The same op shop must have had a big craft donation since I was last in as there was a huge pile of crochet patterns too. I was really excited to find this pattern booklet dedicated just to crochet edging as this is something I have been wanting to try my hand at.

While I was very selective and left a huge pile behind, these little girl patterns had to come home.

My mum had this book and I have so many memories of flipping though it looking for projects. She gave hers away years ago but I can't wait to make those toilet roll people with my gang.

Remember this footstool I bought at the oppie a few months ago? A few of you quite liked the original harlequin green and cream vinyl cover. Well, it was grubby, and heritage green would have to be just about my least favourite colour.  So at 10 o'clock last night I was suddenly overcome with a desire to sew a new cover, and I knew just which piece of my corduroy stash would do the trick. A few years ago I even sewed a little shirt for Roboboy with this same fabric. Look at the little dude in his horsey shirt aged 14 months.

 Despite having absolutely no idea how to best reupholster anything, I tackled it with a frenzy that can only be found late at night and put the finishing staples into it this morning. It's not perfect, but I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I left the original cover intact underneath, just in case the next owner is a footstool purist.

Now Legoman and I can both put our feet up while on the lounge, and I get a new piece of colourful eye candy.

Meanwhile we appear to have been invaded by pirates. Roboboy had his pirate stash raided and while he was happy to give up the never worn eye patch, we had to make a new sword and scabbard with a more girly theme.

Unfortunately we were only able to conceal one of Liongirl's matching black eyes, courtesy of a bad knock to the forehead a few days ago. How you can get two black eyes from pulling a sheet off the washing line is a little beyond me but coordination and domestic capabilities are not my strong points either.

Thank goodness for a large chest full of fake gold coins and every piece of quartz crystal fleeced from the school playground. All we need now is a map.

Roboboy has just started writing by himself in the last few weeks .His very first illustration with spontaneous accompanying text did not make the blog as it had a drawing of his cat demonstrating her bowel and bladder function. What is it with boys and wees and poos? I love seeing how he problem solves the phonetics of words when he is left to his own devices.

That would be a " short cut" (not cat) as well as the "finish" and "map island" at the far right. Of course the treasure is clearly marked with an X. This map inspired a good hour of repeated hiding and finding of the above treasure chest complete with terrible impersonations of pirate speak by myself and copied hilariously by Liongirl .I think  "Aaaaargh, yee scurvy dogs", will be going around the traps at kindy this week.

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  1. Oh no! Poor little battered lion girl. Haha, Zavian is a bit donked on the head to right now, as she is running flat out into corners... Roboboy's drawing sounds fanatstic! You must have been so proud :) Bec x

  2. Mel you truly find the best stuff! The Footstool looks great and the kids are as gorgeous and funny as ever!!

  3. Brilliant job on the foot stool. Love it (and your vintage "scraps" too, especially the middle piece)

  4. love the vintage fabrics! and the footstool looks great :) hope that black eye has healed up nicely!!

    Kel x

  5. Wow! fantastic oppie finds! Love the little horsie tee and those trousers are gorgeous too.
    I just recovered my footstool also, but totally cheated with tucks and staples, your upholstered one looks amazing! I love that fabric! :)

  6. Your footstool looks great! Awesome work.

  7. you did a mighty fine job on the foot stool, love it! those fabrics are so pretty, I love finding vintage fabrics and how cute is that treasure map? so great when the kids imaginations run wild..

  8. The footstool is lovely and you can change it if need be later on. Your op shop karma is bright and shiny. Must be all that decluttering! I love that treasure map and scary, danger sbairling. It makes me a bit nostalgic.

  9.! Thanks for sharing via the Flea Market link-up. New follower--love your lil place! XO, Kate

  10. Yeah - I've just become your 100th follower! Love those patterns - great find and the footstool is fantastic!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. love that footstool! nice choice of fabric too. bless little liongirl but oh my cute is the little man in his pants! xx

  12. You did a great job on that footstool I think my grandma used to have something like that now that I come to think of it, lovely memories:) Oh my poor Liongirl I hope her black eyes are all better now. xo

  13. Love those oppy finds,the crochet book looks great.The pirates are too cute and your new eye-candy is just perfect,clever girl.