Friday, November 4, 2011

Yo-yo's a go-go

The Sewing for Sanity gang met again yesterday. The much awaited Heather Bailey pattern that was our next group project had unfortunately not yet arrived. So we all set to work on a few other projects and for me that meant cracking open a yo-yo maker that my MIL gave me about a year ago. I know yo-yo's are probably done and dusted by everyone else in the crafting community but still an exciting challenge for all us crafty newbies. And this yellow plastic donut thingy makes it so much easier. Try and not be distracted by that luscious lolly pink corduroy, a recent op shop find heading towards miss Liongirl's owl.

We managed to knock out 5 of the little things between us. I know seems pretty paltry but in our defence we only had one plastic thingy and many breaks were taken to slurp tea and scoff chocolate hedgehog.

Not forgetting what our newest member managed to whip up in her first session. Realizing that her excuse of sleep deprivation was not going to cut it two weeks running, she even cancelled her root canal surgery to hang with us. Doesn't the yo-yo just complete this fantastic headband. You can find the free pattern here.

And that super cute model baby, well she belongs to our resident sewing guru. Unlike me, (who has very limited sewing knowledge but likes to spout off words like interfacing just to sound clever), the guru KNOWS all that important stuff like tensioning, what causes extra threads, and where to find whisper weft. She is our Yoda, and she makes very cute children. Use the force mini- Yoda.

And check out these critters that the host whipped up for her Angry Birds loving boy. She even made some golden eggs.

Thanks gals, I'm feeling quite sane again........ now just need to try and make it last for a full 2 weeks.


  1. it looks like you ladies have such a great time. Fabulous name for your craft-a-long.... Everyone still healthy in your mob? Bec x

  2. What fun and those yo-yo's I would stick to everything in my home.....lovely!

  3. Love the yo-yos. You're far more advanced than me, although I would be able to sew on the button. Hope you had a lovely weekend. gxo

  4. what a clever model to try the band on and keep it on i too would spread them all over my home! x

  5. I'm mad for yo yos. They just make me happy! x

  6. Call me backward and East European, but where I come from, the word yo yo means something completely different. Spent my time searching your post for pics of the yo yos you'd made.... But those floral things with buttons look nice too. I guess. Do they have strings and can you "walk the dog" with them??
    Love, M (PS. Getting the feeling I need my own sanity stitching posse over here)

  7. Those angry birds are fantastic! So angry looking! Are you going to make some pigs?