Thursday, November 10, 2011

For the love of parcels

 Take a peek at  what came in the mail for me today. These beautiful vintage sheet pieces, some gift tags and some map envelopes, all  part of my prize from entering gorgeous Lea's giveaway. I really love that orange pink and red sheet on the top, they are completely my sort of colours. I am itching to add these to my stash and start cutting out a quilt but there are a few other projects that I am trying to finish first.

I had to take a photo of the packaging as well, almost as exciting as the actual gift.

I have been fiddling around making more yo-yo's. Liongirl and I found a teeny tiny haberdashery with a wall full of buttony bits and after prolonged deliberations, and much pretending that all the button containers were maracas, we came home with some real treats. Nothing better than some vintage fabric and mustardy buttony goodness. These are destined for a date with a hot glue gun and some hair clips.

Roboboy is on a roll with this whole sewing thing. A few weeks ago, we had a student free day at school and I did something unheard of and took both kids op shopping with me. Roboboy found this teatowel and was in love. Rainforest, rainbow lorikeets and vivid colours are three of his favourite things.

Today he didn't want to do an extra swimming lesson, or stay at school to play with his mates. He wanted to come straight home and work on a sewing project with me. I had been eyeing this teatowel up against his generic school library bag and the minute he spotted them both on the dining table he was onto my plans. He chose the orange thread and how we would stitch it, as well as being in charge of removal of pins whilst sewing. Meanwhile, I chose the simplest way we could throw this thing together, including putting the rope under the seam before stitching.

He was so excited about his new bag, he immediately had to pack his book inside whilst telling me that I am the "best mama in the world".  I am so relishing this probably shortlived time where a home made knock up mama job out ranks a generic Ben 10 or equivalent fad item.

And when I went to hang out the washing, look what was peeking up at me atop the thick green carpet near the clothesline. Not sure if the fact that it appears to be some sort of mutant frangipani with three extra petals is some sort of omen. It does suddenly make me aware that summer must be just around the corner.

Time to fossick out the slip n slide.


  1. I have to go to bed, but I love how your blog has come ahead in leaps and bounds!

    The library bag is something to smile about, and to think you were hesitant to start sewing! (Start a Sewing Square, once a month, really.)

    Rogue frangipani. I like it!

  2. You got some lovely mail today, me too:) I can't see what you make with your stash. Love the drawstring bag, what a great idea. I've got a few tea towels in my stash I need to use. Have a fantastic Friday I'm thinking that slip n slide is going to get a work out this summer, wasn't it hot today. x

  3. Wow miss Mel, that is so lovely - best mumma in the world!! I love it. Definitely make the most of it. Your mustard buttons are sooooo lovely. I really must get my button stash looking a little healthier... Mwah!

  4. That library bag is a treasure!

    Love parcels in the post...especially ones that are beautifully presented like that! Your yoyos look wonderful.

  5. Brown paper packages and all that! There's a nice Christmas wrapping idea.

    That tea towel was so colourful your haberdashery sounds like Aladdin's cave!

  6. Your son rocks! He's got good taste in tea towels too. You know that library bag will be treasured because he was part of making it. I still have my home-made library bag from when I was a kid. Your parcel of fabric is lovely too. xx

  7. What a wonderful colorful giveaway to have the bag and I agree your son has great taste!

  8. I think it's wonderful that Roboboy is getting in to creating and making such lovely things with his Mum. We need more boys like him out there. I think the t. towel he found his fab, best library bag ever!
    Have a great weekend x

  9. Great job! Hard to believe you are new to sewing!

  10. you're the best mum. those fabrics are delicious and yes, the pink floral on top is my favourite too! love the bag. x

  11. What a fantastic use of the tea towl. Looks great!

  12. Love the new library bag. I've seen quite a few birdie teatowels repurposed lately and very much liking the look. You were very lucky to score the parcel from Lea. Her things are so cute and creative.

  13. Hi there, I came across your blog when I googled Eames DSW chairs and I was wondering if you know where the previous owner got them, and would you recommend them, I am in WA so I would order them online and it always helps of someone can recommend things.

    Lifes best