Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunshine and bees bottoms

Well with less than a week to go until the official start of Spring, things have taken a turn for warmer and sunnier around these parts. A prowl around Betsy's garden has revealed lots of hints to a new season around the corner. Much as I tried to photograph the bees in my garden, I was only able to obtain a series of bottom shots as they are so fast. Does anyone know what this flowering shrubby tree might be called?

I was super excited to not only find the regular bees stocking their pollen bags but also our teeny tiny native stingless bees out collecting as well. We are hoping to have some honey by the end of spring.

They look a  little like tiny black flies and have no audible buzz, much less flashy than their stripy counterparts. They seem to be doing their Spring swarming again as well.

Our mulberry tree is laden with fruits, last year they were ready just in time for school holidays.

And we have had a few visits from the birthday duck even though it isn't anyones birthday (last year they visited on Liongirl's birthday with a celebratory treetop quacking).

Inside, the anticipatory spring sprucing continues. Ages ago when I was op shopping by the sea, I stumbled across this lovely little silk oak hall table, for $22. Straight home to live just inside Betsy's front door. The little magpie painting came from the little old lady craft shop near my work. And the milk glass dish was from the same seaside trip but was quite tricky to photograph.

 Now all I need to do is get rid of that cream wall paint and replace it with some fresh white. Still working on the custard though which is infinitely worse so the quarter strength Hog Bristle will have to wait. Cannot believe this is a top three popularity colour, it looks hideous on Betsy. Especially in our south facing bedroom where it is distinctly greenish.

As the season turns we are enjoying eating icypoles in our winter pj's. See the distinctly untrustworthy look on this childs' face? He is plotting to plant a cold icypole on my back, it was cold spoons last week.

He has discovered the joy of crosswords now that he is able to read the clues by himself.

And this minxy girl has discovered a love of numbers and is writing them everywhere. I think it might be nearly time to pack away the crochet blankies. This was the set up for our last trip to space in our rocket, with essentials like magazines and cupcakes.

Back soon but leaving you with an action bee shot- can you see those bulging yellow pollen sacks?


  1. Yes, there was definitely a whiff of Spring in the air today. I love all the smells, especially the jasmine, on my walks to and from school with the boys. xx

  2. Wow! That's what you call a pollen sack! Impressive.
    Mel, I know the name of that shrub - flowers smell exactly like honey - it's on the tip of my tongue but I just can't get there. I'll let you know when it comes to me unless another bloggie person gets here before me.
    I love your Maggie and your bromeliade thingies under the tree (spelling? and is that what they are?) And how awesome to have your own honey x

  3. I think it is a flowering crabapple. Coincidentally, we had one at our 100 yr old blue weatherboard house in Rydalmere, NSW. Their blossoms look and smell divine.

  4. That pollen sack is indeed impressive. Your home looks to be filled with love, it shines through the photos. Fx

  5. I thinks it's great that we can still share snippets of our lives even there are thousands of miles between us! There you are just thinking of spring, and our thoughts are turning to autumn! Very good, bee action shots, you ought to be a wildlife photographer! Ada :)

  6. Your bee pics are fab! I'd love to hear about your experiences with your native bees, as I'm keen to get a hive.
    That shrub looks like our 'Indian Hawthorn' hedge, which is also bursting into bloom right now.

  7. I love spring in Brisbane...definitely my favourite time of year.
    I love being able to enjoy the sun without absolutely roasting. I love the smell of jasmine. And I love that it stays light bit later in the evening.
    Today I am washing our winter quilts, putting away some boots and bringing out our sun hats!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. what great your magpie. Spring is magic, I love the jasmine and port wine bush...both outside our back door. Warm days here this week, time to pack the Uggs away.

  9. Funny that you should mention your hogbristle walls. I have been taking note of what Maria Killam says and she talks about the base colour of beige. If you take away all your blue/pink items from the hogbristle green based walls they will look fine. I have had to do the opposite, I have pink based beige walls and couldn't figure out why some of my natural coloured ornamnents looked horrible, when I put blue/pink or white based stuff with them they looked a whole lot better. Sorry to go on..just found your comment interesting. Love your bee pics too.

  10. LOVE the style and colours in that crochet blanket! it would be a shame to have to pack it away, Thats one good thing about living in the cold weather, Granny blankies all year round..... :) My family have been raving about the lovely weather up there. Enjoy the sunshine!

  11. I just can't wait for spring!! Our fruit trees are blossoming but no buzzy friends in sight! Your bungalow is lovely the way she is - no custard in the pics!

  12. Thanks Emily, it is indeed an Indian Hawthorne. Ours is more like a tree though than a shrub, the trunk is strong enough for the kids to climb. melx

  13. Hi Mel, how are you? you left a comment on my blog about my blue door. Email me direct at if your interested in it. Sorry but I couldn't reply to your comment via blogger so had to pop over to your blog. thanks Sandy

  14. The photo of the bee with pollen filled saddle bags is amazing!!! My little one has a thing for bees and will be fascinated when I show him! So love the little magpie painting as well. xx