Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gadding About and some Goodies

Well, there has been a bit of a bloggy break over here at Betsy's but it's just because we have been gadding about all over the place. More on that later but first I had to pop back and share my goodies from the Toowoomba opping adventure. This little pile came to the princely sum of $2, a pink pillowcase for Liongirl and a little collection of colourful plastic trays for her to serve up her cakes and cups of tea.

And a few wonderful vintage sheets of course. Mostly from a little oppie that was not on my map. We had just left a fancy Lifeline Emporium with the most amazing range of vintage frocks and we were a little lost and there it was, with a few baskets stuffed full of vintage sheets and some gorgeous vintage baby clothes, must find those to share as well.

The top one is my favourite, who knew that butter yellow, apple green and turquoise were so complimentary?  The pink one is actually  a massive matronly housecoat nightie number but is destined for the chop for miss Liongirl. And the towel at the bottom has already been snaffled  up and hung on the bathroom hook in her spot of course.

Other than that it was a few other fabric finds, some barkcloth,

some Richard Scarry fabric,

and a vintage pillowcase that not long after I found it, was reunited with the matching doona cover from another oppie around the corner. Bizarre. It is a heavy thick cotton, almost like linen, if only I had the sewing skills to turn this into a dress for myself.

And lastly a solitary piece of pyrex, a very unusual limey olive green with a matching lid. Not sure if this is really my colour but it was in perfect condition.

So, how is that for a burst of spring colour? Back soon with the rest of our adventures.


  1. Ohhhh - you are such a good treasure hunter! Amazing finds. I love the wee pile of trays and pink bowl. And the lid on the pyrex bowl is lovely! Elaina xo

  2. Lovely fabric! Lucky you finding such goodies! Ada :)

  3. I love all those goodies!

    I have an order in with my mother (she does amazing things with a sewing machine) for a quilt made from vintage I have to get looking myself!

  4. We had a fairly recent foray in Toowoomba's op shops. There is one cracker around the corner from where we used to live. I rarely visited it in those days. You've found some lovely things. Weren't the flowers lovely in Laurel Bank Park. I can't drive past our old house in Toowoomba. Makes me sad we sold it.:(

  5. I have a thing about pyrex and broke one of my bowls this week so I was a bit mad at myself for a while, the pattern and shade are lovely :-)

  6. The top sheet's my fave too Mel. You seem to have a lot of luck in the old vintage sheet department, don't you...You're always showing us particularly lovely ones. I can imagine the perfume underneath that Wisteria arch. Heavenly.

  7. The Richard Scarry fabric is such a find!!! Love that towel too. xx

  8. what a delicious haul! those little trays will make perfect cuppatea play things. and vintage sheets happiness...:)sarah

  9. You did well finding that floral sheet stash. x

  10. Fabulous finds! Great to have you back.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. This is really funny. I have the very same pyrex dish with lid. I have had it for 40 years since the Hubs and I got married. It is my go to meatloaf dish. I have never had a problem with it and it cleans up so beautifully.

    You had a great shopping trip.


  12. Great finds...ahhh Richard Scarry takes me back, I loved his books :) xxxxx

  13. love that pillow case Mel, I'm so into embroidered linen, I've seen that some pyrex here for $25 in Vinnies, can you believe that? needless to say I didn't buy it.
    Look forward to hearing the rest of your adventures.

  14. Hi Mel, Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog with your lovely comments. I have been meaning to officially introduce myself over here for some time seeing as we seem to 'hang out' in all the same places and all.

    I LOVE the treasures you have found, especially the top sheet. The Wisteria canopy is so impressive too, as we have just 2 little flower bundles dropping from our vine. I have been having a lovely read back through your posts and noticed you are doing the white paint thing which is what we are trying to do but cant make a decision (50 shades of white!). Can you recommend a particular white?


  15. Wow, that wisteria arch is incredible, so so beautiful. You are so lucky to find all those vintage fabrics. We have so much trouble hunting down fabric like that over in the UK. It's like everyone has chucked it in the bin instead of donating it! x