Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mr McGee and his tree by the sea

So we spent a good portion of the school holidays on this beach. Catching a few waves and soaking up the salty sunshine.

Finding sea slugs in the rock pools,

and playing games of stone tower buildings, if you make it topple you lose.

Of course there was a a lot of time spent in here,

Doing ridiculous crazy stunts with Dada,

some exploration of the river bank, finding little jetties and rope swings,

and a long scooter ride up to Dicky Beach to explore what remains of the shipwrecked SS Dicky.

where we stumbled onto this glorious specimen of a vehicle,

and most excitedly the one and only Mr McGee tree.

Our tree,

Mr McGee's tree,

can you see what we see with these matching trees? by the side of the sea? Even better once you start climbing too.

We could have stayed up there for hours. But so much to do at the seaside.

Perhaps some fishing with Grandad, or some castle building with Nanny. Would you believe Roboboy caught his first fish within about ten minutes. Too small for us to eat, the seagull who snaffled it up before our eyes had a good meal though.

I leave you with an image of when small children turn. She is three going on 23 this child. That would be my sun lounge, my towel,  my sunnies and my phone. Enough said.

Now that the holidays are wrapped up, I cannot wait to come back and share some white walls, some seaside finds and some Betsy news.


  1. Looks like you all had a fab time! Ada :)

  2. Great photos! I love the SS Dicky part - sounds like something out of an Enid Blyton book. And that tree is just a perfect climbing tree. Elaina xo

  3. Love the pic of the kids on the jetty. And love that bright Qld sunshine. Whhoooooaaaa! Getting a bit excited about our impending sleepover!!!!

  4. Looks like a great holiday!. That last pic made me chuckle, I've got a baby adult as well!!
    Allison x

  5. Looks like a great holiday, sun, sand and water perfect and lots of happy memories made:) It looks like you've been given a vision of the future there, so cute.

  6. Fabulous holiday snaps! Having a good chuckle at Miss 23 (sorry 3!)!! My little one is the same. x

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love beach holidays - I have such fond memories of them when I was little. I just booked an apartment in Caloundra for the XMAS holidays myself - Dicky down to Kings is great for the kids. xx

  8. It looks like you guys had an amazing holiday! And that is one glorious Kombi!

  9. Gorgeous pics! Pamela Allen is one of the most wonderful New Zealand/ Australian picture books writers (along with Mahy, joy Cowley, Alison Lester and Mem Fox!)

  10. I love that stretch of the Sunshine Coast.
    Did you get pancakes at Cafe by the Beach at Moffat Beach? They are the best!

  11. You must email me with this location. It looks so perfect for funny families. Your two are getting more and more beautiful as they get older. I loved every single one of these photos. Just perfect. I really like your little family.

  12. Love the pic of Liongirl leaping off the slide,looks like you had a lovely time.Great pop-top kombi!

  13. What precious little cutie pies you have .....precious memories!

  14. How I missed this bit of beach over the holidays. With the daily treatment we were a bit stuck! Hopefully we'll be back soon.
    It's such a piece of Paradise there. We love Cafe by the Beach too and the SS Dicky in its various stages of exposure depending on the sand.
    That tree must have a happy soul. I remember climbing it as a child and hiding things in it. Mine still climb it every time.

  15. PS Can you e mail me that unit address again as our house has become ridiculously expensive in the up season. Thousands per week!

  16. I can go on reading this blog like forever and I am mesmerized right now