Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little pink and green house

So, the leftovers have all been eaten, the wrapping paper has been recycled and there are new presents to keep the kids busy. Time, me thinks, for some crafty pursuits. This little house was supposed to be ready for that special birthday last week.

There is nothing better than being surrounded by a pile of vintage wallpaper and the biggest decision of the moment to be what colour to put where. This wonderful assortment came from Ada Bea (who makes and sells her own very inspiring range of little houses), also a selection from Pomme de jour who sends out little bundles of assorted patterns she has collected.

I decided to use predominantly a pink and green combo for this one as that was probably the most acceptable  colour combination for miss Liongirl.  So here is my ta- dah!

And this was the plan from the start.

To go in this spot,

in here. (I won't whinge about the quarter strength Hog's Bristle wall colour because you all know how much it bothers me already). It actually looks the least hideous in this room as it gets so much natural light.

So, I'm off to make one for myself now. With quite a lot less pink this time. Just wanted to share the view out my lounge room window where I have been plonking myself regularly to drink cups of tea.

Actually maybe looking at all that pink and green had something to do with my wallpaper colour choices.

The neighbour's poinciana and our pink crepe myrtle happen to be flowering at the same time which I don't think has coincided in the past and it is glorious. And obviously quite inspiring.

Time for another cup of tea.


  1. Hi Mel, the little house looks fantastic!.great colours....perfect peppa colours. I'd be tea drinking in that spot too....everything around here flowering all hypo. Strange seeing our grass so green....meant to be burnt off and crunchy. No doubt will happen in Feb. bet your little liongirl pleased as punch with her new house.
    Allison x

  2. Your flowering trees look so beautiful ...brightened my whole day....and Peppa's family home is so stink'n cute!!! hugs Heidi

  3. too cute! Love all the colours in this post, from the little house to the flowers. Beautiful xx

  4. What a great little "special things" shelf, And beautiful colours too, such a lovely present.

  5. It's sooo good! We are in love with Peppa Pig too, and we are all way too old! :) x

  6. The house is adorable! can't wait to see the next one
    Daisy x

  7. Hi there Mel. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - I am very happy to have found yours. I love that vintage wallpaper and it looks fantastic on the little house. What a nice way to display the peppa pig figures.

    The view from your lounge window is so pretty and very different to the greys and browns seen from mine - it seems to have rained all through Christmas.

    Gillian x

  8. The little house is so sweet and I love all the Peppa figurines in it. Gosh your garden is stunning, so green and lush with bursts of colour. It looks like a painting! xx

  9. That little house is adorbale...and I love all the Peppa Pig characters!

    Your view is lovely.
    There is a house down the street that has a jacaranda that is almost overwhelmed with a magenta is just stunning when they are both flowering.

  10. Awww too cute, bet little miss L is thrilled to bits! We have been enjoying the poinciana in the little reserve out the back fence,don't they flower at the best time of the year?

  11. Really lovely to see my sourced papers used in such a pretty way. I have a couple to do myself ... I'm not short of papers..

  12. So clever and cute......;O)
    Happy New Year!!!
    Tania xx