Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two more sleeps

It finally feels like Christmas over here at Betsy's. The last of the party parephenalia has been packed away and the ornaments box has been cleaned out and displayed. Christmas styling at our place seems to  involve covering every available horizontal surface with an ever expanding collection of crafted and collected festive goodies.

The Christmas books have been rounded up and read, and re read. I cannot find the vintage prize Christmas themed book recently brought home from the oppie, no doubt stashed somewhere that I thought I would remember.

 The tree is up, every last scratchy frond unfurled and  laden down with ornaments. The kids are too big now for Legoman to lift them both up to do the star, it was Roboboy's turn this year.

I have packed away most of my milk glass now with a renovation looming in the new year, but these new finds were small enough to escape. The little bowl is not like any I  have seen before and another two more of the tiny vases/candle holders to add to my collection. Further proof that Betsy and I do not subscribe to the less is more decorating ethos.

I have hardly been to the oppie in weeks but I can never walk past a lovely old tin (for $1) or vintage pyrex for about the same.

And in an amazing organisational feat, we even made it into town for the lighting of the second largest solar powered tree in the world. One advantage it seems to celebrating without snow and in sweltering humid summer weather.

Now all we have to do is visit Santa, ride the Christmas train, buy a couple of last minute prezzies, and squeeze in some Christmas lights if we have time. And why are we leaving all this to the last minute? Because this week we've all been taking turns surfing the gastro wave instead. Hopefully, with two more sleeps under our belts, we'll be all sorted by the big day.


  1. That Pyrex dish is really sweet. Hope the gastro leaves your house soon. Little Miss came down with a temp today and she tends to get these for 3/4 days at a time. Not what you want just before the big day!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. So nice to see pyrex at this time of year!
    Mery merry days to you and yours
    Daisy j

  3. Every thing looks magical in your home and ready for the big day, I'm exhausted trying to get every detail done for the kids....I love Christmas and seeing there faces when they open their gifts.....enjoy , Love Heidi

  4. Cherish reading those Christmas books, my kids are too old for them now, but I like to read them myself!

  5. Gosh I hope you're all better soon you guys ;O)
    Merry Christmas!
    Tania xx

  6. The tiny milk glass vases look lovely as candle holders. I found one of the vases just the other week too.
    All the handmade christmas decs are a pretty touch.
    Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful christmas.

  7. Enjoy a lovely Christmas with the family,the decorations and tree look wonderful.Haven't been near an oppy for a while either, so I'll enjoy your finds too.Hope you all beat the germs before the big day, take care.

  8. Missed you at the tree. Have a glorious fun Christmas!
    Gastro begone, there's feasting to do!